My first post

All of us wants to make our expertise felt in our area of specialization.

The intention is to create an impact upon our self, our family and friends, our community or to the entire world! It fully depends on one’s aspirations, ideas and its acceptability.

Those who have made a mark must have worked with great perseverance to achieve the pinnacle of success.

But what is going on in their minds as they progress towards achieving their goal?

What keeps them going?

Surely, they are in constant pursuit but does this alone make them successful?

Is there any unseen force or intuition that is guiding them in making that conscious effort?

How did they identified it and harnessed that force?

History is full of examples in this regard.

There are still so many people who put in relentless effort but still struggle to reach their goal.

Are they considered as failures?

Does material success achieved through one’s pursuits alone gives us satisfaction?

What are other factors that are required for attaining real satisfaction?

What are the answers to fundamental questions of life that we are still seeking:

Who am I?

Why and How did we come here?

What am I supposed to do here?

Where do we go from here?

What is our constitutional position?

How do we remain ourselves unaffected in a world of opposites –

– Pleasure and Pain

– Joy and Sorrow

– Success and Failure

– Wealth and Poverty

– Friends and Enemies

– Birth and Death!

We are all in the quest for finding answers to these fundamental but enigmatic questions.

But why? It’s because we have a higher sense of consciousness that differentiates us from other living beings.

My intention to start this blog is to mutually enrich ourselves in seeking and finding answers to improve the quality of our life.

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Author: Rajini

"Knowledge is the ultimate perfection of self-realization.". (Srimad Bhagavatham 3.26.2) Trying to seek that knowledge through life experiences that leads to compassion, dispassion and ultimately satisfaction.

17 thoughts on “My first post”

    1. Parmanandam is the stage when the soul reaches the ultimate destination (Vaikundam) where there is no so called “material enjoyment”, there is only spiritual bliss serving the Vaikundapathi and the soul doesn’t have to take rebirth in any of the 2 realms of the material universe consisting of fourteen planetary systems – the upper planetary system (Bhūr, Bhuvar, Svar, Mahar, Janas, Tapas and Satya) and the lower planetary system (Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talātala, Mahātala, Rasātala and Pātāla) – Reference:
      Even the category of Brahma is considered inferior to a certain extent because Brahma also has to follow the material cycle of birth and death even though his lifespan is extremely huge (around 311 trillion years)!


      1. As i raised this query, i realized that Paramanandam can also be called as the phase, where you do not need anything. As Budha says, Desire is the cause of misery. Conversely, if you do not need anything (no desire), we can be happy or (very happy – paramanandam). We need to get to this phase, as we are living too, with strictly no expectations from anyone, physically and mentally pure, doing only karmas that give perfect satisfaction and happiness to everyone around. When we are of mid age, we cant be, in this stage, as we are and should be seekers of achievement and success of not only self but also our siblings and near and dear ones. Probably, after sixties or seventies, it should be possible. Also at your death bed, i read (on complete surrender to God) that you need not ask him to come and take your soul. As you surrender, it is his job to take care of you, but it is also to be remembered here, that we should keep doing our duties. So, it is to be understood here that complete surrender or saranagadhi also means that we should be karmic and not seeking blessings or wishes from God on all material aspects. Once you surrender, prayers are meant for thanking God for the day we have and the duties we can render and the kindness we can pass on to others, without expecting anything from anyone. i am not commenting on LIFE AFTER DEATH – i want to achieve Paramanandam, even as i LIVE.


    1. Yes, that is what differentiates us from other lifeforms. Our constant inquiry and attempt to find solutions towards these basic problems of life plaguing us will surely give us better inputs to handle the remaining of our flickering life in a purposeful manner!


      1. true..the basis problems of our life never allows to get to the next phase of our life. it is the very purpose of living that we meet and die dissatisfied. we keep expecting materialistic (and some times non-materialistic expectations) things and confuse ourselves. this is how we miss to introspect or analyse, what we are doing and what we want to do. searching of knowledge cannot be called as materialistic, search of knowledge, through wisdom…


  1. There so much to drink-in, on your post. I would like to type a lot, but don’t have the time to. Like many, I am also running around doing my work, per daily schedule. First, I felt that it is not just an external force that steers our life, there is so much to consider and explore just in that area. What is influencing our life? Is it an external force? If it our mind which is all powerful? Or is it a mix of both? Or is it something else all together. Many of us want to reach a particular goal, but then we end up reaching somewhere else, or the means through which we wanted to attain it changes.
    Second is achievement, that by itself differs per person/living creature. For birds, just survival through food and shelter is an achievement? For humans, it is a lot more. Disappointment, sorrow, happiness, all are based on each human’s perspective towards life. Even laughter, what makes me laugh might not be what makes you laugh. So material possessions and achievements are relative, which means success is also the same?
    Third, who am I? Will ping you on that later… got to run now…
    I throughly enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks so much for making me ‘think’, hope you keep writing.


  2. Wow! I am surprised that, though all of us are into so many different daily chores there is one common spiritual thought that is in sync with us. May be this is because of the lessons learnt from our life.

    As you said, in depth I keep thinking for what purpose we live in this world. To some extent I feel happy and successful as I am beneficial to my close community.May be I can contribute more to my society if I can work for it. Let us start together by educating the future generation.

    People say only our deeds in previous janma decides our current life. But, we never know what has exactly happened and how our future may turn. But I strongly believe that if we totally surrender to the omnipresent power, whom we call GOD we can overcome our hurdles.

    It is good that you have begun this blog. Keep posting information. Whenever I get time. I will also share my thoughts.

    All the Best Rajini.


    1. Thank you so much Viji. It is because of encouragement from so many like minded people like you that I wanted to begin on this subtle but very important topics. As you rightly said we are all caught so much in this”samsara” but is there an age or time to sit and realise where is all this leading to? I believe by thinking on these things deeply even for a moment we will be able to remain peaceful even in the midst of any situation.


  3. Nice one. Certainly, every individual has this question. Nevertheless, they get satisfied with the sometimes small or sometimes big successes here and there. Success as you say, rightly, is only a matter of perception. A rag picker can also feel successful, but a businessman who had a financial loss, feel, he is a failure.

    Our very purpose of life, keep changing from our birth till death. We start with being a good baby, good student, good employee, good spouse, good father and end with a good grand parent. In the spirit of ‘goodness’ some feel achieved. Again the feel of ‘good’ is what we want others in our society should have on us. Its all perception.

    Yes. Our story has different roles, different characters and we roam here and there not knowing the purpose of being or living.

    It is healthier to have a hobby to focus our success as we see and a career or a job to feel successful for the society.

    In search of who am I, I join you. Searching inner self and attaining real peace is what they call as penance meditation.

    Enjoying a day as it comes, truly transcends our life to a life of enjoyment, rather than worrying about the future. So, what I call as success is when we are able to enjoy our actions and feel happy about it.

    Every new day is a chance to be happy, continue our drama and live till our body can no longer hold us.

    Keep writing, Rajini..


    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Lakshmi and joining this quest. Yes, i do believe the discussions in the coming days will enrich us in this pursuit.


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