Conversation 011: Bane of modern education system

Seeker 1: Our education system and parents attitude need a change. Otherwise none of the skills can be nurtured. Everything is stereotyped. No one is able to pursue their passion, instead they are pushed to some stream against their wishes.

Seeker 2: Even sane thinking parents gets influenced by people around!

Seeker 1: Which really make the life miserable 😦

Seeker 2: An individual whether he is successful or not should be judged by that individual itself!

Seeker 1: By the way what is success? It is a variable term. Success is an individual’s definition and it comes only by maturity. Soul has to reach the divine that is the purpose of life.

Seeker 2: yes, ultimately, we come to the same thing

Seeker 1: There is no education on that …we learn everything else.

Seeker 2: absolutely right! But this education is already freely available…but that nobody is making use of it          . anything that is freely available has no value. Everything that is valued has cause and effect because we pay for it and assign some value to it and we think we get it and that is useless purpose!

Seeker 1: But realisation only helps. Life teach everyone and there is a purpose.

Seeker 2: yes, that is the only thing that helps but not everyone realises that purpose.

Seeker 1: They are unfit. God knows who is suitable.

Seeker 2: When they are attracted to non-permanent things like money body care etc.  Yes, God has his own special people whom he favours.

Seeker 1: Hence till their time comes they have to wait.

Seeker 2: These people step out of every difficulty they face and take every day in its own stride. They realise it is useless to accumulate any more karma.

Seeker 1: Yes. I have my own doubts. Why God has to create this and continue this activity of birth and rebirth. Who are we?

Seeker 2: They say Universe is a cosmic being and everything is interconnected.

Seeker 1: I am seeking for the truth. One day I may get an answer.

Seeker 2: Shrimad Bhagavatam is the only answer to these questions. This literature has been heart and soul of me for the last 5-6 years. This is what has changed my perception of everything, everything positive, everything divine. All my entries in the blog are the representations of my thoughts as I listened to it again and again.

Seeker 1: hmm

Seeker 2: Everything profound everything divine in that literature it will fully solve anyone’s problems unconsciously! It is the literary incarnation of Lord Shri Krishna!

Seeker 1: You are living in Kali Yuga. Again, Lord Krishna has told …do only your duty. Don’t expect for the results.

Seeker 2: you said kali yuga. See what is mentioned… Just 5000 years have passed and 427000 years left…see the impact already…

Seeker 1: Yes

Seeker 2: The places where more and more non-veg outlets are flourishing…the places where more and more animals are slaughtered for meat…the places where more and more gold is given prominence…the places where more and more gambling flourishes…the places where more and more drinking liquor flourishes…the more and more prostitution flourishes…these are the places where Kali exercises its power and degrades the entire society.

Seeker 2: check the verses 37-42 in this chapter.

Seeker 1: Mmm . I will read

Seeker 2: There is just too much to read! but i bet once you start you will get addicted and surely find answers to whatever questions you may be having. But if you ask me any question…i can quote to the appropriate location in the literature.

Seeker 1: Yes…it is good that you are having knowledge in this subject. Not everyone is interested

Seeker 2: All by Krishna’s grace only!

Seeker 1: Mmm . Close to God.

Seeker 2: without Him no one can touch his literature. it will sound like ordinary abcd to them

Seeker 1: Nothing can harm you!

Seeker 2: Sure. so pleasure to find someone to talk on these topics. Hare Krishna!

Seeker 1: I am a beginner. Let us see

Seeker 2: No one is a beginner. Your life experience is a biggest lesson to you!

Author: Rajini

"Knowledge is the ultimate perfection of self-realization.". (Srimad Bhagavatham 3.26.2) Trying to seek that knowledge through life experiences that leads to compassion, dispassion and ultimately satisfaction.

6 thoughts on “Conversation 011: Bane of modern education system”

  1. I am not supporting the Ban on modern education system. But, yes, we must to Add the value(जैसे कि: नैतिकता, सदाचार, नीतिमत्ता, आचारसंहिता, आदि) in this system to produce generation who stands with the People Benefit, Nation Benefit, Nature Benefit; Not against of its.
    Whatever is quoted in Gita, just Feel it and try to follow it, and while you do your Karma, always keep in mind, that your karma should be in benefit of others(Krishna’s own creations).


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