Conversation 012: Bane of modern education system (Contd.)

Seeker 2: <video omitted> Please watch this video. I got this from my linked in feed. Wanted to share with you.

Seeker 1: Anything important??

Seeker 2: Small kid chanting slokas

Seeker 1: It has to be included in school syllabus. 1 hour every day. Learn thirukkural, Divya prabandam, Thiruvasagam etc.

Seeker 2: School cannot do everything. They have only learnt well to extract money from hapless parents by introducing newer and newer type of fees every year!

Seeker 1: Otherwise no improvement. Waste!

Seeker 2: Our political leaders are not interested in our Vedic system and they only want to follow the system introduced by the britishers        so that they can easily cheat the people for their benefit. The advertisements, the tv programmes and the propaganda conditions the mind from a very early age. This makes them blindly follow them the knowledge that is taught according to British. This system is capable of only making clerks and are hence fit for only leading a purposeless life.

Seeker 1: Mmm

Seeker 2: After 70 years we are nowhere compared to what we were before the britishers came. At least the Mughals didn’t mind our business much regard to our educational system. They are only after wealth but the British broke the backbone of Indians and brought a lack of confidence in themselves. Their divide and rule policy broke the nation and this is being continued by the present politicians.

Seeker 1: Can’t help it!

Seeker 2: it is beyond redemption. We ourselves are not ready to enrol the kids in the far and few gurukuls where they teach Vedas.

Seeker 1: Yes, this is the ugliest fact.

Seeker 2: We ourselves lack confidence in ourselves and believe this horrible present education can only bring in source of income and nothing else. We are to be blamed. Our fore fathers living in britishers period who served shamelessly for them and learnt English are to be blamed.

Seeker 1: Yes.

Seeker 2: The brahmins lost all their hard-earned respect from then on when you call yourself brahmin and serve a person lower than the lowest section of society, who is a mleccha how can the respect be sustained?

Seeker 1: Global environment! This is Kali yuga We are not living in dwapara yuga

Seeker 2: Now it is the turn of everyone else to take revenge on the so called brahmins by birth or a brahma bandhu as they are called in the form of quotas and reservation system!

Seeker 1: Within this how much we can …we have to try and do?

Seeker 2: Hmm yes, the effect of kali yuga at least we have to teach our kids all our history books are totally wrong and the britishers wrote our history! I keep telling my kid every time he reads history it is only because of marks you are reading all this nonsense! These are not facts and i will tell you the real facts with evidence. Yes, i mean it! He doesn’t get good marks in history at all for this and in fact he hates this subject a lot but i don’t mind at all!

Seeker 1: Till 10th Standard they have history.

Seeker 2: Yes. Everything being taught is wrong…their theory of origin of universe, the evolution of life on earth…so many things. Our puranas contain far more accurate descriptions of embryology, astronomy, measurement of time, quantum theory etc. Only people who realise these things can understand. Others don’t. They privately admit it but dare not tell it in public.

Seeker 1: Yes, this is Kali.  Survival of the fittest Theory!

Seeker 2: People like Carl Sagan, David Frawley, Arthur Oppenheimer (who invented the atomic bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki) derives their inspiration from the Gita, the Vedas and the Puranas.

Seeker 1: Who bothers about aathma gyanam?  (Knowledge of the soul)

Seeker 2: They cannot realise that. These people believe death is the end of it. Now only lots of research are made about consciousness and westerners are realising this is not so.

Seeker 1: Actually, every religion talks about life after death. People don’t have guts to think about it.

Seeker 2: That’s because sanatana dharma is source of all religions! there is only one religion…all others are offshoots having history no greater than 2000 years. That is why kali yuga is called as the age of ignorance – those who know things cannot talk. Ignorant people have their own notions and with their physical and weapons strength suppress those people who are aware of reality. There is no concept of respect. This is just the age of cannibalism. Yes, their concepts are imaginary because they have no knowledge of the absolute truth. Thinking process first begins with the food we eat. That is why it is called anname prana – restraint in food. What to eat, what not to eat during the phases of moon, the seasons of the year, similarly what kind of fast is to be observed for the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year. All these should be observed to bring purity in the mind first. Only then the next process of realisation can begin. The first step itself is totally lost. So, what can we expect – the only difference is animals do not wear clothes. There is so much truths i like to share but there is not much to take heed. They don’t realise by living in a state of detached attachment it is still possible to enjoy life by living selflessly. Frankly anyone who has this knowledge and want to help others has to lead a very difficult life! What else one realises can seeing others happy can bring happiness to one selves? After all we are all from the same creation. I know i am writing quite a lot but this is coming spontaneously without any provocation and i know you are the very few who can listen or read these topics!

Seeker 1: Elders should not expect respect from young ones. I have got few who always want to share philosophical things. Yes, I am also Interested.

Seeker 2: Yes, but not few wants to see the deeper aspects of things. Why-what-how are we here and after the loss of the body what will happen? Knowledge of this is the real education!

Author: Rajini

"Knowledge is the ultimate perfection of self-realization.". (Srimad Bhagavatham 3.26.2) Trying to seek that knowledge through life experiences that leads to compassion, dispassion and ultimately satisfaction.

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