A miracle untold – A true experience

This is a real event happened more than 7 years 9 months that has not been revealed to anyone thus far.

Its only for this reason the event was not revealed – the intention to undergo many such adventures in the Ganges without hindrance 😊 Now that purpose has lost its steam though.

But why I am revealing it now? It is due to my inner feelings to reveal to everyone about the power of the holy name – just like how the Nama – Narayana from the mouth of Ajamila at the jaws of death made him enter the Vaikuntha.

I want to reveal how deep faith in the names and hymns of Lord Narayana can save one from the clutches of death to a position of sound health – the reasons that are inexplainable, only the experience is explainable.

It not only causes survival but it also changes the course of one’s life. It’s like the soul that is being injected into the very same body, the life events now beginning to start look more meaningful, to be able to identify the effect to every cause – to be able to realize it previously unrealized, to take every event dispassionately.

The incident remains vivid in memory even after so many years have passed. Every once in a while, I get a visual re-run of the event! Surely no one will be able to forget a life-threatening event!

It all happened during the course of a river-rafting expedition in the Cool Ganges waters of Rishikesh in the state of Uttarakhand, North India. The conditions were very ideal during the period of February-March . The year was 2011.

I was a bit overwhelmed as the waters were unusually deep during that time and the rapids were extremely unpredictable and powerful.

My inner conscience was a bit skeptical about the risks – normally the conscience has the power to predict unforeseeable omens but still could nothing to stop the decision-making process!

The decision has been taken though, the required papers have been signed, the required safety jackets worn and all set! Accompanying me were two of my best friends who will after the event are to become my dear pals for life.

The raft or boat consist of 3 primary members – myself and 2 friends, plus a guide and an expert oarsman who is trained to handle disasters.

The first part of the trip, a distance of about 20% went smoothly barring any incidents. That was the point we began to take things bit lightly waiting for disaster to happen!.

Yes, disasters happen at the least expected moment! For no reason I moved to the corner of the raft and then a most powerful rapid struck the raft.

I got fully blown away from the raft and fell into the center of the river. It happened so rapidly that my friends, the guide and the oarsman were absolutely clueless about my position and they were in a state of panic – my position totally lost.

Meanwhile I realized I am about 30 feet under the water holding my breath and drifting with the flow of the Ganges. I was absolutely clueless what was happening around me and I couldn’t do anything – the question was how will I come to the surface. After drifting like this for a minute or two, I got stuck on the water plants at a height of 20 feet below the surface my head facing downwards. There was absolutely no assistance or any help in sight in such an environment unless a divine intervention can happen!

As I was stuck upside down in the water and losing my breath – I am sure I would have lost at least 3-4 precious minutes. Time was obviously running out. Some desperate measures need to be taken. But what could be done in that position?

At this point I remembered during my NIIT days I was asked what is your strength – I mentioned – “FAITH IN GOD” With total faith on Lord Narayana I started to chant one stotram I know well and I was 100% sure that is my refuge when nothing else could save me. I remembered the stotram is to be chanted for 3 times to full effect. I realized it could be chanted properly only in static position – at being stuck between plants at a depth of 30 feet under the water. That stotram is Panchayudha Stotram. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXf2_PFJRCk)

I chanted first time fully – I was still motionless, I chanted second time fully – still I was motionless – nothing seems to happen.

Half way into the third time – Yes, a miracle happened. Through the force of the river current and the life jacket, the body broke out of the shackles, turned it upside down to a vertical position and just swerved to the surface – my breath intact though water managed to enter the lungs a bit. I started floating at the top of the river and was spotted by the guide and oarsman who managed to keep the raft stationary waiting for a miracle!

I was then brought back to the raft, the lifeguards doing the needful so much so that I became fit to continue the remaining part of the journey!

The miracle continues to be a secret till now, not a single person I know knew of my 5-minute ordeal under the water. I dare not reveal it for the obvious reason – the belief and the dilution.

I just wish to say that my faith has taken me to the other side of the shore and truly this was a miraculous encounter for me.

This shows to prove that we are driven by our own faiths and it is important that we realize that. You never know when that deja vu moment will come in handy as a guardian angel!

The full meaning and significance of Panchayudha Stotra is excellently described in the article: http://www.hindupedia.com/en/Panchayudha_Stotram

Every stotram has a Phala Sruthi when explains the benefit of chanting it.

This is a living proof. For Panchayudha Stotra it is:

Vane, rane, Shathru jalagni madhye,

Yadruchaya Apadsu maha bayesu,

Idham patan stotram anakulathma,

Sukhi bhaved thath krutha sarva raksha., 7

In the middle of forest or war or among enemies,

Or when surrounded by water or fire,

Or unexpected dangers or during great fears,

If the worried man reads this prayer,

He would be happy as this provides all round protection.

I realize I don’t have the capability to hold secrets for long any longer and i also feel there is no need for it.

If by revealing the secret, I am able to create a sense of belief that prayers will definitely be answered, I believe my effort in writing my experience has accomplished its purpose.

P.S: I absolutely don’t know how to swim, and even after this incident i didn’t attempt to learn it. Anyway, with the speed of the water current that time, i don’t think it would have possible to swim to safety!

Author: Rajini

"Knowledge is the ultimate perfection of self-realization.". (Srimad Bhagavatham 3.26.2) Trying to seek that knowledge through life experiences that leads to compassion, dispassion and ultimately satisfaction.

15 thoughts on “A miracle untold – A true experience”

  1. What an amazing experience Rajini. My heart was in my mouth as I read it. In a way, I would say you were blessed to have that experience. For it taught you so much and gave new value and meaning tonyour life. Now, you have an enhanced perspective.

    This happened to me too, when I had cancer, and literally was dying. On one particular night my lungs were full of fluid and my breathing was desperately impaired by the huge tumour in my left lung. I had bad scarring in the other lung from the tuberculosis that I had had years prevkously. I e was literally dying that night. I heard the asaints around me. I shouted out. I did not die, but zi “saw” into the “other side”. It changed my life, a,though even prior to that I had surrendered my life to God.

    Your account is wonderful Rajini. I would like to type more, but I cannot right now. Thankyou so mych for sharing this with us. ❤️

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    1. yes, fully believing in the divine and surrendering to His surely changes one’s perspective in life. Many people think this is pessimistic and feel they can handle “everything” on their own by the so called “will power” but they don’t realise nothing is in their hands…their birth…their death…their old age…their disease…and above almost all, the things that doesn’t go by their calculations or intentions. They don’t have a clue about the occurence of natural disasters or prevention of it. There is divine law or laws of nature and it is important one makes an attempt to learn it, know it and live with it!

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      1. I understand that some people think this is pessimistic, and I feceived some flack for writing such things on my own blog -i mean about the more bad things in life that happen to us. I receibved emails. It was horrible but then I got an alology later. People truly do not understand. We live in a “Fixit”” society that thinks that positive thinking, doing it by our own will, is THE way. Not surrendering, at all. But this is NOT the way, modern osycholigy and conselling has a lot to abswer for in this, I believe. It leads to some people being labelked and defined, categorised, and made guilty becayse they are not responding or reacting in the way the world thinks they should. I hope my typing is understandable Rajini.

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        1. Yes..sure…it’s just mind reading and got everything that you have mentioned. you are perfectly right and i totally agree with you. Thank you for your views.

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          1. Thankyou. I have just been reading some things today, and I am no good any more. I am done in. Just too upset and sad for words. Mi am human

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  2. Wow! This is soooo inspiring. Thank you for sharing – at the last moment when all is lost, the Lord alone is our refuge. I so, so, so, so admire you for remembering that and chanting the stotram at the perfect moment. What an amazing real-life rescue story by the Master of our Universe! Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama!:)

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    1. Thank you so much for writing.

      I wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale now had that thought not struck at that opportune moment!

      The vivid description of the incident says it all. I don’t have to elaborate further.

      I just live in that pleasant memories and started to cherish the gift (life) from that very moment!

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