Conversation 025 – Demoniac Nature

This conversation is regarding people of demoniac nature and what one should do to avoid this nature and attain divine nature.

Seeker 1:  Nowadays we see a lot of hypocrisy, greed, crime, lying and pretending even for insignificant reasons!

Seeker 2: Yes, you are correct. The general characteristics of the category of people of this age is clearly explained in Shrimad Bhagavatham: Canto 12 Chapter 2 – The Symptoms of Kali Yuga. You may read it in full detail here:

Seeker 2: Also, a separate chapter is dedicated in Bhagavad Gita to people of demoniac nature. You may check – Chapter 16: The Divine and Demoniac Natures –

Seeker 2: A lucid reference of the characteristics of people of this nature is clearly mentioned in this chapter. I would like to quote some of them:

Seeker 2: “Arrogance, pride, anger, conceit, harshness and ignorance-these qualities belong to those of demonic nature, O son of Prtha.” – Bhagavad Gita 16.4 –

Seeker 2: “Those who are demoniac do not know what is to be done and what is not to be done.” – Bhagavad Gita 16.7 –

Seeker 2: “Being bound by hundreds and thousands of desires, by lust and anger, they secure money by illegal means for sense gratification.” – Bhagavad Gita 16.11-12 –

Seeker 2: “The demoniac person thinks: “So much wealth do I have today, and I will gain more according to my schemes. So much is mine now, and it will increase in the future, more and more. ” – Bhagavad Gita 16.13-15 –

Seeker 1: So what should one do to mitigate the effects of demoniac nature ?

Seeker 2: This is also mentioned as the conclusion of the same chapter: “One should understand what is duty and what is not duty by the regulations of the scriptures. Knowing such rules and regulations, one should act so that he may gradually be elevated.” – Bhagavad Gita 16.24 –

Seeker 1: After hearing this, I do want to read the entire book for sure.

Seeker 2: Please do. It will surely change your perspective for good in everything.

Seeker 2: We are driven by three modes of material nature – goodness, passion and ignorance – but it is up to us to achieve goodness and transcend beyond the mode of material goodness to Suddha Sattva or pure goodness – to achieve that control is the ultimate aim of life and perfection.

Seeker 2: Nobody teaches or any technology teaches that.

Seeker 2: Only our mind can do that by understanding the impermanent nature in everything we see and adhere to the conclusions of this chapter!

Author: Rajini

"Knowledge is the ultimate perfection of self-realization.". (Srimad Bhagavatham 3.26.2) Trying to seek that knowledge through life experiences that leads to compassion, dispassion and ultimately satisfaction.

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