Conversation 040: Food and Laziness / Dullness

Seeker 2: Please check this post and let me know what you think about it…

Seeker 2: Directions for having food

Seeker 1: Good one…good information!                                                  

Seeker 1: Can you write something on how to get rid of laziness…When people become lazy and how to eradicate it?                                                      

Seeker 2: But I am very lazy…so how can I write about it? 🙂                           

Seeker 1: He he he                                                             

Seeker 1: But I know, you are part of 5:00 am club right…so you can do it!                                

Seeker 1: I am guessing it because I know you don’t eat much. I also believe that if you eat full stomach, then you will get laziness. Am I right?

Seeker 2: Yes that’s true. Sleeping/Being lazy is directly proportional to quantity of food consumed! Particularly when one has the tendency to consume large quantities of food when they think it is required to perform a lot of work to maintain their energy and lifestyle!

Seeker 1: Sleeping is directly proportional to food consumed? Please explain this.               

Seeker 2: Yes, of course unfortunately! Sleeping 8-9 hours in the night, sleeping considerable duration in the name of power naps, getting drowsy at the drop of a hat, are the result of:

gossiping for hours either in person or in social media,

watching unproductive programs like soaps, series, movies without any substance,

“celebrity” gossips, checking news every now and then as if one can do anything about it etc. in Television/Internet.

All in the name of entertainment!

Above all this, the mother of all, the checking and reacting to notifications ASAP in social media mobile apps as if it is a some curious adventure like climbing Mount Everest!

All of this does expend considerable amount of energy for which one has to eat a lot, and the dreadful cycle continues!

Note that I am not being pessimistic but I am only talking about a host of people doing these things on a continuous basis so as to bring not only their own downfall but also the near and dear ones around them, when a lot of better things could be done with the energy generated during the complex digestive processes happening inside our body!…

Seeker 1:  Yes of course!                                                  

Seeker 2: This process, the digestive cycle is so continuous and so complex that it decreases the brain activity to an extent as it disable it to perform any productive thinking activity…and only Induces indolence and sleep.

Seeker 2: Why people feel so sleepy after every heavy lunch stuffing the stomach to more than 100% capacity, as if this is their last meal of their life….it’s a mystery that is difficult to understand.

Seeker 1:  Yeah. But what is the remedy for it?                                                      

Seeker 2: Not to fill the stomach with 100%. Have 20% filled with water 15 minutes before lunch.                                                 

Seeker 1: This is good one 🙂                                                         

Seeker 2: Have lunch to fill for 50% only.                                                  

Seeker 1: Good tip but hunger will continue right?                                                              

Seeker 2: Fill with 20% water 15 minutes after lunch. Leave 10% room for digestive process to take place.                                                

Seeker 1:  Hmmm!                                                              

Seeker 2: Practice makes perfect….                                                           

Seeker 1: Hmm ok. I’ll try.                                                               

Seeker 2: Everything doesn’t happen in a single day. I do just that…by prolonged practice, i have only one lunch a day for the day…                               

Seeker 1: Hmm that’s too much!!!                                                              

Seeker 2: Some juices, fruits, milk drinks…and a lot of water in between to handle day to day activities…                                                          

Seeker 1: It may be tough to continue for long!                                                    

Seeker 2: I am doing this for at least past 4 years as far as I remember, if you don’t believe it, my sons, other family members or persons very close to me will tell you. I am not advising anyone to do this, i am just doing the way i got used to it.

Seeker 2: When you get fed up of everything in life, nothing is impossible. Because I was fed up, I don’t have to l feed myself up with too much food to be more fed up… (no pun intended 🙂 )               

Seeker 2: I also got so much used to this, because of Ekadashi fasting (from dawn 11th day of the phase of the moon to dawn on the 12th day of the phase of the moon, subsisting only on fruits and water as and when required) – twice a month for past so many years that I don’t even remember when I started this… When one forces oneself to feel the pangs of hunger and find how the body reacts to it one will come to know the harsh realities of life that more than more than 1/5th of this world is facing as a way for life!

Seeker 2: That will streamline the thinking process…develop compassion and think of things at a higher neutral level.                                                    

Seeker 2: People can write books on these topics, talk aloud in stage on these topics. from the knowledge gained from others and stuffing their brain by bookish knowledge on the subject, but unless one undergoes the practical experience, realization will not happen… and what they write doesn’t make much sense or serve any purpose to either themselves or others.

Seeker 2: According to the people around me, barring a very few, think I am a bit berserk, but still I continue to be what I am because I can’t change myself for others. when everybody likes to continue to live the lives their own way, why shouldn’t I?

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Author: Rajini

"Knowledge is the ultimate perfection of self-realization.". (Srimad Bhagavatham 3.26.2) Trying to seek that knowledge through life experiences that leads to compassion, dispassion and ultimately satisfaction.

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