Conversation 041 – Fasting on Ekadashis

This conversation is based on the post :

Conversation 027 – Money, Lifestyle and Ultimate Purpose

with an advanced devotee from Russia, living in ISKCON, Vrindavan and is of the renounced order:

Seeker 2: Hare Krishna!

Seeker 2: i wanted to ask one thing…how you keep up the fasting without getting exhausted…

Seeker 2: i have also to do office work and sometimes i get very exhausted.

Seeker 1: Okay. It depends on what kind of fasting you are in. Of course if you have to work I would not recommend to avoid any food or drink. You could take water at least, some fruits

Seeker 2: yes… I am restricting myself to only water and fruits

Seeker 1: If you feel it’s difficult and it disturbs your mind then it’s better to take normal food (without grains), one time a day to take food without grains is also considered to be fasting

Seeker 2: yes…but i don’t want to do that…Krishna has been making me handle what I have been doing so far…it’s just for one day and i feel i have to do it for Krishna…

Seeker 2: i feel i will lose the purpose if i do that…

Seeker 1: Then you continue. Don’t compromise.

Seeker 2: Thank you…Yes…i want to live for Krishna as long as i live and this is the least i can do for that i feel…

Seeker 2: and i want to always have the association with pure devotees like you…

Seeker 1: The humble attitude is the gates to Krishna’s world. “Trinadapi sunichena..” Please never lose it. Only they will not make you divert from the purpose.

Seeker 2: I am living with no like-minded people and it is so easy to get corrupted.

Seeker 1: Are you initiated?!

Seeker 2: I am already in Sri Ramunajacharya sect from birth.

Seeker 2: But i find not much difference when i read Srila Prabhupada. So i got naturally inclined.

Seeker 2: Conceptually there are at least 95% similarity in the ideologies.

Seeker 2: When you visit the temples in South Indiam particularly my State Tamil nadu you will also realise this.

Seeker 2: i have mentioned all the temples, i have visited along with their history, significance in my blog.

Seeker 1: That’s fine. Initiation is important. Any of the four Vaisnava’s sampradayas are genuine. If you feel inspired by Lokanath Swami why don’t you ask him to shelter you? It will give you more strength and confidence in your spiritual life.

Seeker 2: But i am already initiated and i am not inclined to change towards anything else, at least for now. i don’t know if the time comes…

Seeker 1: Krishna knows better what is good for you. If there will be need He will make all arrangements.

Seeker 2: Yes surely. Hare Krishna!

Seeker 2: He has got me under His hold…this is His divine will.

Seeker 2: Please check this:

Seeker 2: Our family deity

Seeker 2: Hare Krishna!

Seeker 2: The Lord has inscribed the Bhagavad Gita verse 18.66 in His left hand. “MaamEkam Saranam Vraja” in the language Tamil.

Seeker 2: Summary of Teachings from Srimad Bhagavatham – Part One also establishes this fact.

Seeker 2: Hare Krishna!

Seeker 1: Hari Bol!

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