Conversation 052 – Disillusioned?

Seeker 2: Good morning. How are you doing today?

Seeker 1: I don’t know what is happening with me. These days are not normal for me. How about you???

Seeker 2: Going on as usual 🙂

Seeker 2: This is the morning puja that I attended in the nearby temple today. Satyanarayana Puja done by a very old couple (above 75 years) so nicely and with so much dedication. They do it during the full moons. Please take a look at the photo closely. Surely it should bring you some peace. I am at peace for sure for being a part of this puja. Surely Lord Naaraayanaa will protect me and anyone who see this.

Seeker 2: Take a closer look at that lamp that is glowing so beautifully and radiantly. There is also a big snake hill where this is present that makes this more auspicious.

Seeker 1: Thank you!

Seeker 2: I have often been ridiculed enough by people around me for my inability to earn enough money etc. So I find this is the only thing that is satisfying. I stopped talking to people much because that only frustrates my original intentions.

Seeker 2: I am spending a lot of time daily in spiritual pursuits and sleep less than 5 hours a day, but this is hardly affecting me in anything.

Seeker 1: It’s okay. Please go ahead with what you are doing since it gives you much needed peace of mind.

Seeker 2: Thank you.

Seeker 2: The great Nikola Tesla just slept 2 hrs a day all his life and lived upto 87 years 🙂

Seeker 2: I also listen to lot of divine music because that totally keeps me away from gossip and all the nonsense happening around me.

Seeker 2: It is only our own self-improvement that we can improve because we cannot improve anyone else…this is the bitter reality and experience all my life. I am sure you also have the same opinion. If people gossip I can only understand the shallowness they have built in themselves.

Seeker 1: Yes, I totally agree to this!

Seeker 2: I am learning to take everything and everyone and everyday as same 🙂

Seeker 1: No I don’t think you should do this.

Seeker 1: Don’t do this!

Seeker 1: Try to change it!

Seeker 2: Feeling everyone and everything incompatible with me I have to think like this only. Not able to lead a pretending life.

Seeker 2: You will come to realize this at some point. Hopefully you don’t have to get that far in your life 🙂

Seeker 2: I do hope you get lots of understanding people in future. This is a world where everyone wants to happily ride on others back without actually attempting to do anything on their own.

Seeker 2: Frankly I don’t want to earn a living like this…and I also lost the intention to go to office to work…sometime I think for whose sake I am working for…when everyone is indifferent and only want to suck my blood…everyone is too materialistic…all they judge is the earning power. Once that goes even family members treat you like dirt…when you lose the trust with someone who can be as close. What else is there in life?

Seeker 2: I mean by creating some relationship that is binding for life?

Seeker 2: I mean that can be the last thing you don’t want in your life!

Seeker 2: “Sharp arrows which pierce one’s chest and reach the heart do not cause as much suffering as the arrows of harsh, insulting words that become lodged within the heart when spoken by uncivilized men. (/women)Srimad Bhagavatham – 11.23.3

Seeker 2: It just doesn’t go away for the rest of the life…it’s just like living in a cage where there is no escape…

Seeker 2: I mean when you live around people who don’t have any higher value of life and all they want is money, assets, relationships and the so called superfluous enjoyment that goes with it…

Seeker 2: I don’t think anyone will get into a conversation with me if I talk like this…they would only think I am too pessimistic and don’t know how to “enjoy” life 🙂

Seeker 2: But according to whatever I have read human life is not for enjoyment…it’s a gift to realize what has been going on all the time and it is only possible for a human life to break away from this ever continuing birth and death.

Seeker 2: I mean God has given this opportunity to at least make someone like you understand the real fact about life and not live in illusion created by the reflective or reverse energy called Maya created by Lord Krishna that deludes everyone to create an attachment for impermanent things and transmigrate from species to species…body to body…life after life undergoing the same struggle for existence in whatever lifeless body that the soul finds refuge.

Seeker 2: It is so sad that no one take these facts with any level of seriousness and I am not even able to find the environment to explain these things to people living with me all the time!

Seeker 2: Such is the power of this Maya!

Seeker 2: “Material enjoyment is indeed the cause of all unhappiness, but one cannot give it up unless one has personally experienced how much suffering it is. Therefore one should be allowed to remain in so-called material enjoyment while simultaneously advancing in knowledge to experience the misery of this false material happiness. Then, without help from others, one will find material enjoyment detestful. Those whose minds are changed by others do not become as renounced as those who have personal experience. Although I live in household life with my wife and children, I honestly follow the Vedic injunctions by engaging in fruitive activities to enjoy life without sinful reactions.” – Srimad Bhagavatham 6.5.4142.

Seeker 2: So, no matter how much I tell you it’s not possible for you to get to the deepest truths to go through, unless it is assimilated by personal experience combining with the knowledge from scriptures.

Author: Rajini

"Knowledge is the ultimate perfection of self-realization.". (Srimad Bhagavatham 3.26.2) Trying to seek that knowledge through life experiences that leads to compassion, dispassion and ultimately satisfaction.

18 thoughts on “Conversation 052 – Disillusioned?”

  1. Chaturvarnam Mayasrustham says Krishna. Instead of taking it to mean that Krishna created castes/genetic Varnas, let us for a moment take that He made a structure in society with different mindsets. 4 are the categories. One needs to decide which category they belong and contribute their lot to that domain. This is what lord expects us. He does not want us to find mysteries marvels in creation if it costs our effort to contribute to society. We live because we eat. We eat because farmers work hard. Money is not solution. We need to give back something to society. In doing so we should realize GOD in every aspect- in insults aswell as priases. Then slowly instead of we working, work will be done through us.

    I guess instead of giving “mind” the option , one should try taking guidance of budhhi and dharma to choose a livelihood. This allows them to properly shield from mental emotions and give them strength to be of support to those in need.

    This is my view.

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    1. Your thoughts are always subject to a thought provoking discussion and I want to talk this offline. 🙂 There is so much to contribute/debate on these lines of thoughts 🙂 mere comments and counter comments will not help 😦

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  2. Illusions….. Disillusions….. Body and soul… Mostly body connected to mind wants comforts at less costs at shortcuts routes. It does not care about what it deserves, it does not match means with ends. Ends are unfortunately the targets. Body wants comforts without pains or least pains. That’s the problem. Whereas the soul always seeks and wants to attain “Ananda” as described in the Vedas etc. Healthy mind and healthy body is prerequisite for the soul to attain aananda or paramananda from where it comes. Let us do our karma sincerely , the result is ultimately of Lord Narayana. The dialogues between the two disillusioned is of high standards and Worth of elaborating ,consideration and consolation prescription. Keep it up.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this deep conversation and the picture. It looks like it is from the bottom of a tree? In any case, happy to have Darshan of Satya Narayana Bhagavan. May He bring peace to Seeker 2 and make life of Seeker 1 good also! Om Namo Narayanaya 🙂

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      1. Seeker 1 said his life is not normal these days. Seeker 2 said it is normal — but later when Seeker 2 was talking, i thought, “His life doesn’t sound too happy and “normal” either. 🙂


                1. Yes for sure. Hare Krishna! He makes us understand why we are undergoing these things only when we look up to Him. He is always smiling in helping the downtrodden souls that is perpetually suffering in this material experience to bring solace.


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