All of us are seekers. But what we seek is all that matters. We should all be seekers of vidyā whose literal meaning in sanskrit is valid knowledge which cannot be contradicted and it is true knowledge that is Self intuitively gained. Only Vedic knowledge and everything that has emanated from Vedas fall under this category. Everything else are to classified as avidyā whose literal meaning in sanskrit is ignorance, misconceptions, misunderstandings, incorrect knowledge.

Seeking of vidyā leads to liberation while seeking of avidyā results in misery and bondage. The purpose of this endeavor is to seek and share vidyā by involving active discussion among like-minded individuals, respecting everyone’s thought through healthy debates and in the end coming to the conclusion that results in mutual satisfaction.

This is the process by which our ancient seers followed with their disciples in the form of question and answer sessions in which both the Guru and the disciple learn from each other the esoteric subjects and arrive at a conclusion then enlivens both the Guru and the disciple. The Guru accepts the truths discovered by the disciples in open arms. This is how all the Upanishadic thoughts had arisen and they are timeless classics because of that.

As i mentioned, I am only a seeker not a Guru or anything. I just want to be an instrument for knowledge sharing. It is only when i see the active participation of like minded individuals, I would consider this attempt as a success. Spirituality is not a one way street like materialistic subjects which has its own theories, laws etc. where there is little scope for questioning.

With this aim, I sincerely pray to Lord Shri Krishna to seek his blessings for all of us to see the light of spiritual knowledge.

Let there be light and let it shine brightly!

Hare Krishna! Jai Shree Ram!

Humbly yours,


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  1. I missed your comment earlier. Its an interesting blog indeed, yours! Its vast and I need so much time to go through it. I will keep reading and commenting where necessary. Thanks for dropping by at my blog. You too have a read and let me know!

    All the best!

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    1. Sure. Thank you so much. Yes I did went through your several posts. Lots of amazing very useful information I have been looking for. Please continue to write Sir, and also please share your valuable feedback on my posts. This will definitely further my quest for the Absolute Truth. My humble pranams once again sir!


    1. Yes.. very much.. thank you so much for your kind enquiries. you must be knowing India is quite a big country… the cyclone hit the state of Orissa near a place called Puri well known for the great Jagannath temple.. I live in Bangalore which is atleast 300 kilometres from the coast.

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  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am SO HAPPY to come here. Feel it is a sweet blessing of our most beloved Lord. Jai Sri Krishna! Excited to jump in and read more. 🙂 I love your tag line and also all the categories you have in your blog – are pages from my heart! Hari Om! Shanti Shanti Shanti. 🙂

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  3. simply superb. Any lay man can understand the way it is told. Finally, it is lord krishna to whom we have to submit our soul and deeds. Excellent Rajini. Keep doing your good work. You have connected the normal human beings with Bhagavatham, Ramayanam and Mahabartham. As you said, many of us don’t remember Vidhura. I have heard of him from my father. Vidhura has given to the human beings “Vidhura Needhi”. We can learn so many things from our ethikasangal. That is why INDIA is very much looked upon by the entire globe. Thank you very much for enlightening us with your learning. I am truly impressed by the title given ” Spirituality is the only way to Solace”. Would love to read your next blog….

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    1. Yes, Vidura had to be a silent spectator because he was cursed wrongly by Mandavya Muni (for more details: https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/the-story-of-mandavya-rishi) to take birth in Earth to a lower caste woman though all the three viz., Dhritharashtra, Pandu and Vidura are born from the seminal fluid of Sri Veda Vyasa, the literary incarnation of the Lord.

      Vidura is actually Yamaraja in his previous birth. Yamaraj is considered to be one among the 12 mahajanas. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahajanas for details regarding who is a Mahajana). So by birth Vidura naturally knows all the aspects of Sama (resolve issues peacefully), Dana (offering compensation or bribe to have the task completed), Beda (some form of punishment, either physical or emotional to have a task accomplished) and Danda (targeting and exploiting weaknesses of the opposite person, to have the job done.). Vidura is the advisor to his brother Dhritharashtra in all these aspects and have expert judgment.

      The section Vidura Neeti in Mahabharata is a very special section treated on par with the Bhagavat Gita and Vishnu Sahasranamam.

      Humbly yours


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