A resolve (for 2018)

A spiritual resolve does not automatically happen for everyone. It happens according to the laws of accumulated Karma through present and previous life events.

It’s said in the Bhagavat Gita 6.41:

The unsuccessful yogi, after many, many years of enjoyment on the planets of the pious living entities, is born into a family of righteous people, or into a family of rich aristocracy.” – (https://asitis.com/6/41.html)

Thus, the individual will be able to continue the spiritual journey, by getting a very clear understanding of this material world, and the destination beyond death.

Any living organism consists of two components – the gross body and the subtle body.

The gross body consists of five material elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether (or the all-pervading sky) and three subtle elements consists of the intelligence, mind and false ego.

It is this component “false ego” which is a layer between the material mind and the spiritual particle or soul.

The main function of false ego is to provide a strong sense of self-identification with the temporary material body. It is the false ego that provides every living entity a false sense of “I” and “mine” that determines our material existence in this world.

We must first learn and strongly believe that we are not this material body. We are nothing but a spirit soul. Knowledge of this leads to Mukti, or liberation – freedom from material consciousness.

Not realising this is the cause of repeated births and deaths. As I have been mentioning earlier, only through human birth it is possible to break away from this shackles of birth and death.

It is important to note that this material world is a perpetual place of distress or Dukhalayam, as it is called. There is no solution here yet on the four-fold miseries of Birth-Death-Old Age-Disease.

Therefore, our resolve should be:

– To take recourse to our scriptures, primarily Shrimad Bhagavat Gita and Shrimad Bhagavatam.
– To not to associate with anyone very intimately – considering the temporary nature of materialistic relationships, Identify the true nature of the soul which is eternal and the body which is temporary.
– To dedicate all the thoughts, deeds and actions to The Supreme Lord. This will keep the mind under control. Controlling the mind will control the 5 organs of senses – eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin and the 5 organs of action – hands, feet, mouth, rectum and genitals.

कायेन वाचा मनसेन्द्रियैर्वा
बुद्ध्यात्मना वा प्रकृतेः स्वभावात् ।
करोमि यद्यद् सकलं परस्मै
नारायणायेति समर्पयामि ॥

Kayena Vacha Mana-Sendriyair Va
Budhyaatmana Va Prakruteh Swabhavath
Karoami Yadyad Sakalam Parasmai
Narayana Yeti Samarpayami

1: (Whatever I do) with my Body, Speech, Mind or Sense Organs,
2: (Whatever I do) using my Intellect, Feelings of Heart or (unconsciously) through the natural tendencies of my Mind,
3: Whatever I do, I do all for others (i.e. without the sense of attachment to the results),
4: (And) I Surrender them all at the Lotus Feet of The Supreme Lord.


My first post

All of us wants to make our expertise felt in our area of specialization.

The intention is to create an impact upon our self, our family and friends, our community or to the entire world! It fully depends on one’s aspirations, ideas and its acceptability.

Those who have made a mark must have worked with great perseverance to achieve the pinnacle of success.

But what is going on in their minds as they progress towards achieving their goal?

What keeps them going?

Surely, they are in constant pursuit but does this alone make them successful?

Is there any unseen force or intuition that is guiding them in making that conscious effort?

How did they identified it and harnessed that force?

History is full of examples in this regard.

There are still so many people who put in relentless effort but still struggle to reach their goal.

Are they considered as failures?

Does material success achieved through one’s pursuits alone gives us satisfaction?

What are other factors that are required for attaining real satisfaction?

What are the answers to fundamental questions of life that we are still seeking:

Who am I?

Why and How did we come here?

What am I supposed to do here?

Where do we go from here?

What is our constitutional position?

How do we remain ourselves unaffected in a world of opposites –

– Pleasure and Pain

– Joy and Sorrow

– Success and Failure

– Wealth and Poverty

– Friends and Enemies

– Birth and Death!

We are all in the quest for finding answers to these fundamental but enigmatic questions.

But why? It’s because we have a higher sense of consciousness that differentiates us from other living beings.

My intention to start this blog is to mutually enrich ourselves in seeking and finding answers to improve the quality of our life.

I believe this post got you something to think about. Please do mention your comments/thoughts/feedback for a lively discussion. Also click on “Follow” button to receive automatic updates on my future posts.

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