Unknown are the ways of the unknown

Unknown are the means of the unknown

Unknown is the means to attain the unknown

Unknown is the indwelling

Unknown is the Avijnaatha

Unknown is the Antaryaami

Unknown is the Paramaatma

Unknown is the eternal guide

Unknown is the eternal activator

Unknown is the eternal master

Unknown is the Supersoul

Unknown are the ways to realise that unknown

Unknown cannot be known by the knowledge of material sciences

Unknown is unknown to be attained by the mundane

Unknown is the driving force behind everything

Unknown is unknown to the body

Unknown is unknown to the senses

Unknown is unknown to the mind

Unknown is unknown to the intellect

Unknown is unknown to the intelligence

Unknown is unknown to the ego

Unknown is unknown to thoughts feelings and actions

Unknown is transcendental

Unknown is beyond the modes of material nature

Unknown is enigmatic


Unknown is to be known

Unknown is supreme consciousness

Unknown is eternal everlasting

Unknown is to be attained

Understanding towards that unknown is real knowledge, all else is nescience

Unknown cannot be attained by speculation jugglery and pseudo-mysticism

Unknown can be attained only by directing and listening to our own inner voice by shutting out the external noises

Unknown can be obtained only by solitary pursuits and through purification of body mind and intellect by thoroughly understanding the transient nature of material existence and slowly getting detested detached through knowledge of revealed spiritual literatures from a spiritual master (alive or not alive taking the master and the matter by heart)

Unknown can be attained only through tolerance of bodily and mental pain inflicted through the three sources 1. Adhyatmik 2. Adhibhautik 3. Adhidaivik ((miseries inflicted by the body and mind itself, those inflicted by other living entities, and natural disturbances).

Unknown can be attained only through alignment and in cooperation with mother nature and not by senseless exploitation

Unknown can be only realised when we understand there is a supreme controller who is the source of everything

Unknown can be attained only through surrender to that supreme, totally understanding our helplessness in the hands of material nature and the illusory energy of the Lord

We cannot get to that unknown residing in our heart…

Only the unknown has to be made to activate our intellect to our pursuits towards the absolute truth by directing our mind inwards through surrender and proper application of intelligence attained by the mercy of the Lord

Unknown is to be understood to be already doing its designated duty and functions in a subtle manner by dwelling in the body of every living entity

Unknown is the one that activates the consciousness to awaken ourselves from sleep

Unknown is the one that activates our vital organs to perform its functions

Unknown is the one that controls the fire of digestion that digests four types of food stuff – Bhagavad Gita 15.14

Unknown is the own that activates the five prana

Unknown is unknown…no one knows how it does these activities for our survival in the material world

Unknown needs to be reached to give directions to elevate the atma to eternal bliss by making the process to start from inward to outward, while it has been the reverse all through – atma is being endowed with minute intelligence and discretion – either to align with the permanent supreme reality or trying to dominate the material nature and in the process forget its original identity and get entangled in material existence.

Unknown is the eternal well-wisher that gives directions only to the atma residing in the form of a human body that thoroughly understands the futility of material existence and want to give it up.

Human soul is endowed with all faculties in full strength the five sense organs the five organs of action the mind the intelligence and a highly evolved consciousness for discrimination.

You see the answer is already there…

Mind is the best friend as well as the best enemy – Bhagavad Gita 6.6

To control the mind is more difficult than controlling the wind – Bhagavad Gita 6.34

…but controlling the mind controls everything

Controlling the two basic urges of tongue and genitals controls the mind

This is just a hint…

Whether we continue our existence in the category of other species of life and remain in four-folds of misery (birth, death, old age, disease) or to elevate ourselves to the highest destination is our own discretion…

This is the inference that is to be gathered from the Puranjana saga in Srimad Bhagavatham – Canto 4 chapters 25-29.

A detailed exemplary treatise of the Puranjana Saga is in the blog Hints to the Ancient Wisdom in the posts: Myth or a Symbol? – Story of Puranjana Part 1 and Part 2

To summarise, Human life is a misery at every step, confronted with dangers due to the propensity of the soul to lord it over material nature through the deluding power of false ego, injecting the concepts of I and mine, having lured by the unsurmountable illusory potential of Maya (at least in theory) to get entangled perpetually through the attractions of opposite sex, progeny and wealth thereby remaining in the trap of material existence perpetually.

A self-realised soul understands this and sees every difficult moment as a step to God realisation to move to next step towards the ultimate purpose of our existence.

Sage Narada describes about himself on his earlier life to Ved Vyasa: ”I don’t have any caretaker except my mother who was a maid-servant, when she had to quit the world to a snake bite when I was a mere child of 5 years, I took It as a special mercy of the Lord and decided to travel North to realise the Absolute Truth!” (How much of us can do that? That is why Narada is Narada and we are we!) – Srimad Bhagavatham 1.6.6 – 1.6.10

The supreme Lord has a purpose for all of us depending on our pre-disposition and our spiritual evolution continues that way. Even a small step in this direction has a permanent effect and can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear. (Bhagavad Gita 2.40) and (Bhagavad Gita 6.40)

This special mercy of the Lord is beautifully summarised by Srila Prabhupada:

“Confidential devotees of the Lord see in every step a benedictory direction of the Lord. What is considered to be an odd or difficult moment in the mundane sense is accepted as special mercy of the Lord. Mundane prosperity is a kind of material fever, and by the grace of the Lord the temperature of this material fever is gradually diminished, and spiritual health is obtained step by step. Mundane people misunderstand it.” – Srila Prabhupada purports to Srimad Bhagavatham – 1.6.10


  1. Avijnaata is the main character behind the scenes in the Puranjana Saga – the Supersoul that comes in the end of the Puranjana Saga, being the observer all through,  as the king Puranjana continues his material existence and becomes a woman in his next birth due to his own injunctions, and when he begins to lament for his (her) husband’s death, Avijnata makes a grand appearance and explains to Puranjana(who is a well-situated woman full of good character), the futility of what (s)he has been doing and undergoing all through. That passage alone is enough for us to awaken our dormant spiritual consciousness – Srimad Bhagavatham – Canto 4 – Chapter 28 – Puranjana becomes a woman in the next life – Slokas 51-65.
  2. It Is also to be noted that Avijnaata (Name 483) is a name of Lord Vishnu as mentioned in Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam. The meaning is “One whom not a single person has realized fully” which is condensed to a single word as “Unknown
  3. Puranjana Saga can also be considered to be the explanation of concepts and is a commentary of what is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 15 (Verses 7-11)

Conversation 045 – People’s mind set (Contd.)

Seeker 2:

Why is BJP and NDA not able to win even a single seat in Kerala and Tamilnadu despite having a great success in the North India in 2019 election? Remember our conversation past midnight that day and relate to it 🙂

Remember our conversation past midnight that day and relate to it 🙂

Seeker 1: These guys have nailed it beautifully!

Seeker 2: Yes, I tried to explain that to you for 2 hours (rofl), the conversation that started past midnight, the other day 😦

Seeker 1: I never denied that. I only put forward the hope that with proper guidance things can change. Change is inevitable.

Seeker 2: I understand that but it takes time and that’s not in the hands of anyone.

Seeker 1: God’s wish in everything 🙂 https://qr.ae/TWGhta and this analogy 🙂 https://qr.ae/TWGhtB.

Seeker 2: Thank you very much…actually God didn’t send us to the Earth in the first place! Earth is just a temporary sojourn for the living entity to go back to God. Living entities were already existing for yugas or epoch. This is according to Srimad Bhagavatham.

Seeker 2: During annihilation, all beings enter into the body of the universal form of the Lord and during creation, they are recreated back according to their karma. This is a perpetual cycle.

Seeker 2: Bhagavad Gita is a summary or final conclusions of The Upanishads expressed in esoteric terms. It doesn’t go with clear cut explanations and scenarios, because it has only 700 shlokas while Srimad Bhagavatham is a massive treatise of 18000 shlokas/verses.

Seeker 2: You know this…the soul is eternal…the body is perishable having made of material elements…that themselves are creatable and destroyable…

O King, in all circumstances, whether you consider the soul to be an eternal principle, or the material body to be perishable, or everything to exist in the impersonal Absolute Truth, or everything to be an inexplicable combination of matter and spirit, feelings of separation are due only to illusory affection and nothing more.” – Srimad Bhagavatham – 1.13.44

Those who have full knowledge of self-realization, who know very well that the spirit soul is eternal whereas the body is perishable, are not overwhelmed by lamentation. But persons who lack knowledge of self-realization certainly lament. Therefore it is difficult to educate a person in illusion.” – Srimad Bhagavatham – 7.2.49

Seeker 2: These guys are trying to make common people understand who cannot think beyond a certain level, at least to ensure that they live proper lives using the knowledge, but that is never going to happen. The world starting from the mother’s womb to the graveyard just stinks!

Seeker 2: Everything is subject to refinement of one’s character to align with how nature works, how creation works, how maintenance works, how annihilation works.

Seeker 2: The modern man is incapable of comprehending these things even to extent of 0.000……1% because of the pollution accumulated over the ages … in mind, in thought, in deeds, in  actions, in habits, in virtues…everyone is just trying out mundane explanations to convince themselves and others but not putting into practice what they preach.

Seeker 2: It’s not easy to change the world around unless people think on these lines…and this is never going to happen…because it all start with one’s food habits…when that itself is a big zero what can you expect?

Seeker 1: Our Guru never went into Srimad Bhagavatham. He used to focus on mainly on The Upanishads and sometime Bhagavad Gita. Some people say that Gita is so deep that you can’t get its meaning easily as many of these shlokas have multiple hidden meanings for one who’s really thinking in depth about them.

Seeker 2: Yes, Guru is very much right and real Gurus are always right! but Srimad Bhagavatham is very direct and is the ripened mature fruit of Vedic literature when Ved Vyasa was fully realised on Narada Muni’s instructions, so as to communicate to what the common man in the dark age of Kali could comprehend.

Seeker 2: Gita is the cream of Vedanta or Veda-anta i.e. literatures…Upanishads by itself are more esoteric and to say the cream of the Upanishads is packed in 700 shlokas, it has got to be very deep that only realised persons can understood it to a “certain” extent! So many people have tried to interpret it…and so many mis-interpretations!!!

Seeker 1: True, got your point. That is what I was hearing today. The tacit knowledge of the Guru needs to be explicitly put into easily understandable form for common people. That is what Srimad Bhagavatham is achieving,

Seeker 1: In Bhagavad Gita, knowledge was given to Arjuna by Lord Shri Krishna to relieve his confusion. Similarly, what is the setting of Srimad Bhagavatham?

Seeker 2: When Maharaja Parikshit, a great saintly king, the grandson of Arjuna and an utmost devotee of Lord Krishna was about to die in 7 seven days due to snake bite because of a curse by the son (Shringi) of the great sage, Samika, he at once quit his family life to do fast unto death. Sukhdev Goswami, son of Maharishi Ved Vyasa, having learnt Srimad Bhagavatham from his father narrates it in entirety during these 7 days. Maharaja Parikishit realises the absolute truth and attains the supreme perfection.

Seeker 1: Ahh! I see

Seeker 2: In these 7 days he didn’t even drink water, what to think of food and listened with rapt attention to Sukhdev Goswami. The many questions he asked during this time and the answers Ved Vyasa’s son gave is the subject matter of Srimad Bhagavatham.

This makes me think of this passage:

My dear King, a self-satisfied person can be happy even with only drinking water. However, one who is driven by the senses, especially by the tongue and genitals, must accept the position of a household dog to satisfy his senses.” – Srimad Bhagavatham – 7.15.18

Seeker 1: I see. There’s mention of Krishna’s life in this also. RIght?

Seeker 2: Yes, that’s is the climax and the crux of Srimad Bhagavatham! The entire 10th canto is devoted to this and this is almost one-fourth of the entire Srimad Bhagavatham!

Seeker 1: I remember hearing that a bit!

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Transient, so what?

This post or poem (or whatever you may call 🙂 ) is an inspiration based on this highly thoughtful comment:

” I am really impressed. Are you working with mental health field?
And these words really touched me “what is the need to think about detrimental things that causes further damage to the already wounded heart?” In fact that guy seems to have realized the ultimate fact of life “why things should be taken too seriously while living in a transient world?”

by Akhila on my post – Manic Times and is based on my reply, which goes as follows…

” yes…you got it perfectly right…if the world is transient…so is transient are the expressions..transient are the experiences…transient are the relationships…transient are our thoughts…transient are the various stages of life…if everything is transient…why is there something called life…why are we living…because death is also transient depending on how we live our transient life…to take it to the higher worlds…or to to take it the nether world…or to even take it to the place where there is point of no return…where there is no need to take ourselves to a transient world again…that’s why living in earth is transient..it’s the intermediate planetary system of the 14 planetary systems in the universe…for where we can go to any realms…within it…or cross the boundaries never to return back to the things that causes all the transient things…birth…death…old age…disease…if we are not going to solve these problems…everything is going to be transient till then… “

The world is transient…

so are our expressions..

so are our experiences…

so are our relationships…

so are our thoughts…

so are the various stages of our life…

so everything is transient in this world…

so what is called life…?

so why are we living…?

so much transient is also death…

depending on how we live our transient life…

to take us to the higher worlds…

or to take us to the nether worlds…

or to even take us to the place where there is point of no return…

to a place, from where there is no need to come back to this transient world again…

so is the reason why living in earth in transient..

for earth is the intermediate planetary system of the 14 planetary systems in the universe…

for from it, one can go to any realms…

remaining suspended in it… (earthly planets)

or go to the higher worlds… (heavens above it)

or go to the lower worlds… (hells below it)…

or to cross the boundaries of this material universe to an abode,

never to return to anywhere there is transience…

where birth…death…old age…disease exist…

these are the only causes of transience…

if we are not going to solve these problems…

everything is going to be in transience…

if we do it,

even this earth will become intransient…

this is never going to happen…

for the laws of creation, maintanence and annihilation prevails for eternity…

for that Is the laws of God!

live within our means,

live within our limits,

the only solution for living beings on earth,

to conquer transience.

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Next set of three blog posts (No.4,5 and 6)

Dear friends,

Today I have some updates for you.

As mentioned earlier, I would like to mention that my next set of three blog posts have been published,

I have updated my fourth, fifth and sixth posts. They are:

  1. A resolve for 2018 – https://rajinikanthv.wordpress.com/2018/01/04/a-resolve-for-2018/
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