Conversation 065 – Detachment, Surrender and Liberation

This conversation is between a middle-aged person and his mother discussing about detachment, surrender and on achieving liberation from this material existence.

Seeker 2: Even if people knows about their problems very well, they do not make an attempt to fix it but do something else to get diverted away from it temporarily, will the problem go away by itself?

Seeker 2: I was just lying in a sofa without doing anything for two hours pondering about my issues and now only getting a bit fresh and you came to meet me.

Seeker 2: I understand that Krishna is doing everything for a reason and hence I have no regrets. Only the external mind is undergoing everything and affecting the soul that is foolishly attached to the mind.

Seeker 1: Hmm. I am thinking of how I was at the age of 35 to 45.

Seeker 2: I say don’t think about it because it will only give you pain considering the facilities for learning available now and available then and still people not making use of it!

Seeker 2: No use talking and praising about self-achievements. Does that change the present situation? Only by understanding the reality and endeavour to come out of these situations every time and learning from the experiences to face new situations can one survive in this present hostile world.

Seeker 2: You always say this situation will change and yes it will and it does. It may change for the better or for the worse but one should be equipoised in both the situations because we should understand that certain things are beyond our control.

Seeker 1: Yes!

Seeker 2: Krishna says to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita: wise people do not lament either for the living or for the dead. Arjuna (Nara) is a human incarnation of Lord Vishnu / Lord Krishna (Naaraayanaa) but still has to undergo these kinds of situations, what are we compared to him?

Seeker 2: Srimad Bhagavatham mentions how Vidura was overtaken by grief because of his brother and his sons who acted without virtue throughout their life and how Uddhava was unable to handle the separation of Krishna but both Vidura and Uddhava were equipoised despite their difficult situations because both of them knew the science of God.

Seeker 1: Yes, the wheel of time is always spinning. It is not always at the bottom; it has to come to the top.

Seeker 2: If you do not find people with like disposition, for few moments negative thoughts always come up but only Krishna can give the intelligence to come out of these situations. There is no use worrying about anyone or anything. Everyone is destined to face their situations and they have to ultimately come out of it by their own endeavours.

Seeker 2: Knowing this if you still get depressed then what do we learn from our past experiences? Trying to get out of these relationships and live impartially is the only means to attain liberation. Realising birth and death process is a biggest pain and getting away from it is the biggest knowledge, everything else is useless!

Seeker 1: What to do, I am an ordinary human being?

Seeker 2: Everybody is ordinary only. Going beyond and realising these facts is what makes humans different from animals!

Seeker 1: Yes, that is too hard. Blood is thicker than water.

Seeker 2: Tell me how did your mother live? Have you seen her getting attached to anyone or anything? Tell me this and your answer will tell if she is a good candidate for liberation.

Seeker 1: How shall I tell this? She was hard of hearing and that was somewhat advantageous to her, but she was very intelligent.

Seeker 2: Yes. Still she was also a human being like us with emotions, relationships, eyes that can see all the nonsense happening around and understand what is going on. Right?  Tell me based on this!

Seeker 1: She always use to say I have to leave this world when everyone of you is in a good position. That was her prayer all the time.

Seeker 2: There is nothing special in this. Everyone wishes that only. Being in a good position is only a relative concept. If people around you are greedy and envious, every situation is bad and unfortunate. Most people are not contented with how much ever they have got or how much ever they have achieved in their life.

Seeker 1: Yes. She has never gotten angry with anyone or anything anytime, never acting with emotions, always treating everyone equally, revering her husband for whatever he may have done. Always getting up very early and doing her duties wholeheartedly and without any grudge, not getting envy or jealous of anyone, not lazy any time, always very good and works really hard to full satisfaction of everyone – all these characteristics were there.

Seeker 2: All these are certainly divine characteristics of godly people. All our characteristics are certainly determined and tested at the time of death for sure, only based on that one gets a next birth or not in this material universe. If one has leftover desires even subtle, still there is no escape from next birth!

Seeker 2: One should not desire next birth at any cost. This is the biggest blunder because what one gets as the next birth is determined by what one did so far and is not according to one’s own whims and fancies. So somehow one has got to get detached from this material world, though extremely difficult but not impossible.

Seeker 2: That is why maam ekam saranam vraja is the biggest secret, often mentioned by learned authorities as secret of all secrets!

Seeker 1: Yes, I will try my level best.

Seeker 2: Yes, all of us should yearn and strive for that. Performing fruitive activities, going to temple yearning for material rewards or accomplishments etc are useless activities aimed at degradation of the soul. They are all to be considered as mere rituals and hence only leads to bondage. Unless one renounce everything from the bottom of the heart, liberation cannot be attained.

Seeker 1: mam ekam saranam vraja.

Seeker 2: Hare Krishna!

Who is Krishna Conscious? (God Conscious)

Of all living beings, it is only the human form of life that is endowed with an advanced consciousness that has the capability to introspect – to learn – to un-learn and to re-learn.

It also has the capability to utilise the knowledge in the best interest for self-development as well to improve the quality of life of other fellow human beings.

Human birth is not just meant for eating-sleeping-mating-defending – the four base activities performed by any living being in this material world.



Our purpose must be to go beyond these four activities and conquer the four eternal miseries of material existence – birth, death, disease and old age.

We are blessed with our ancient scriptures that provides us unlimited knowledge to achieve the purpose of human life.

The knowledge and purport of our scriptures are transmitted through disciplic succession for generations.

It is not sectarian – It is universal and undisputed.

This universe is functioning in an atomic precision and our planet is just a minute dot in this universe!

This precision is controlled by a supreme consciousness or a supreme controller, for which we cannot have an iota of a doubt!

We call this supreme consciousness or supreme controller as the supreme personality of Godhead.

We worship Him according to the best of our abilities:

  • We give Him a form and worship as a deity or Archa Vigraha in temples.
  • We call Him a supersoul Who resides within the heart of a every living being as Paramatma.
  • He also exists as formless and pervade the entire universe as the supreme effulgence or brahmajyoti.
  • We also have the personal form of the supreme Lord with four hands each holding discus, conch shell, club and lotus flower as Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntha planets that exists beyond the region of the material universe.

Before knowing the qualities of a Krishna conscious person, it will be nice to know the meaning of Krishna.

There are several meanings of the word Krishna in several contexts but the most common include:

  • All-Attractive – It includes everything
  • Absolute Truth
  • One who stops the repetition of birth and death
  • Existence

Thus, the name “Krishna”: meaning all-attractive can be applied only to God.

God, doesn’t have any material name, but by His transcendental qualities we give Him spiritual names.

The names of the supreme personality of Godhead are synonymous with the supreme personality of Godhead Himself. Hence the word God is synonymous with Krishna.

Qualities of a Krishna Conscious (God Conscious) person:

  • Understands that the body and soul are different entities and we are not the body.
  • Understands that identifying the soul with the body leads to material existence (transmigration of soul).
  • Understands that birth, death, old age and disease are four-fold miseries of this material world and constantly strives to mitigate them by fully surrendering the fruits of the activities to Lord Krishna (God):

karmany evadhikaras te

ma phalesu kadacana

ma karma-phala-hetur bhur

ma te sango ‘stv akarmani


You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty. Bhagavad Gita 2.47

  • Understands that the material body comprising of five elements (sky, air, fire, water and earth) is only an outer garment that is automatically cast off to attain a new material body.

dehino ‘smin yatha dehe

kaumaram yauvanam jara

tatha dehantara-praptir

dhiras tatra na muhyati


As the embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. The self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change. – Bhagavad Gita 2.13

  • Understands that the purpose of this human birth is to free the spirit soul from the shackles of repeated births and deaths.
  • Understands that indulging in fruitive activities by identifying with the body leads to bondage.
  • Understands that indulging in gambling, intoxication, meat-eating and animal slaughter are indulged by those in the mode of darkness and degrades the soul to lower births and hence totally shunned.
  • Understands that only nama sankirtana (chanting of holy names) is the only remedy in this age of Kali.
  • Understands that the song of God, Srimad Bhagavat Gita and the literary incarnation of God, Srimad Bhagavatam provides answers to all problems of human life and therefore lives a life based on its profound principles.

I believe I have provided a summary of qualities of a Krisnna Conscious person because the list is quite exhaustive.

A Krishna Conscious person is automatically a virtuous person because these qualities. If inculcated, leads to a pious and satisfying life.

Thus, liberation is assured as per the words of Lord Shri Krishna Himself (Bhagavad Gita) and literary incarnation of God (Srimad Bhagavatham).


Birth and Death

This material world is a complex network of relationships that drives our very existence.

Entanglement in material relationships causes bondage though these relationships exist only for the present moment.

Material relationships is full of false expectations. It assumes that the relationship is going to last forever!

The concept of love is restricted to the physical body, the emotional attachment is tied to that.

There is a sense of possessiveness –This is me, these are mine, that is his., in materialistic relationships. Thus, compromises and adjustments are more often restricted to family ties.

Mutual expectations are an important part of material relationships. The relationships do not fulfil the individual’s needs for life and it provides a means of false protection. It is a cause of perpetual bondage.

It is said that death ends it all in materialistic terms! The bodily relationships preserved till death has to be suddenly vanquished.

The soul has to prepare itself for its journey to get lodged into another species of life. This is inevitable!

If one doesn’t relinquish all the reactions of karma – cause and effect, it will bind him to this material existence forever.

So, what is the means of attaining liberation?

For this, we have to understand the process of birth and death. It is said that birth and death cause excruciating pain. Thus, thinking about it will surely have an impact on the way we live our life.

Shrimad Bhagavatam clearly explain the process of birth from conception to child-birth and beyond.

It is time to visit it and see how our modern embryology is so close to what is described in Shrimad Bhagavatam.

Please read: Lord Kapila’s Instructions on the Movements of the Living Entities – ( All the answers are there in this chapter!

The summary is this:

Endowed with right vision and strengthened by devotional service and a pessimistic attitude towards material identity, one should relegate his body to this illusory world through his reason. Thus, one can be unconcerned with this material world.” (

Let’s now think about death.

Everyone dreads it. What will happen to us and our possessions? Where will we go after death?

Every one of us do not want to relinquish this ever-decaying body at any cost!

We want to prolong our life forever!

It can be seen that this fear of death is induced because of lack of awareness.

If we lead our life in a righteous, purposeful way abiding our scriptures, we need not fear death!

We have to take our recourse to our scriptures – Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Ithihasas etc, – source of timeless, realised wisdom to learn the real purpose of life.

We have to put into practice, the practical knowledge imparted through these scriptures.

We have to organise Satsang (meetings, congregations) for discussions on topics for leading a virtuous life.

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