The one percent majority!

The one percent majority…

You defy authority!

You are not in the herd mentality,

You are of the lion category!

You are enigmatic,

But also, pragmatic.

You are a person of one thousand words,

But you never speak one unnecessary word.

You don’t strike anybody with vengeance,

You believe this is a world of transience.

You don’t belong to the category of mundane,

You don’t succumb to the follies of mundaners.

You respect every living being,

Even including the antagonist and mischief mongrel living dead beings.

You believe this world gives equal opportunities to everyone,

Even though those “everyone” only satisfies “everyone” in the category of “everyone”!

You live for everyone’s well-being,

Even though those “everyone” lives for their own well-being.

You want to remain in a life of the one percent category,

Though everyone around you cannot go beyond the ninety nine percent category.

Ninety nine percent do not want to know the reason for their existence,

One percent can’t make them understand the reason no matter what!

Ninety nine percent spend time their life for naught,

One percent knows what is to be sought.

Ninety nine percent are indulgent,

One percent are diligent, vigilant and valiant!

Ninety nine percent are slave of the senses,

One percent are master of the senses.

Ninety nine percent are any way my way and only my way mentality,

One percent are my way different way and for everyone’s way mentality.

Ninety nine percent seeks excuses in every situation,

One percent sees opportunity even in an adversity.

Ninety nine percent does one hundred things but only one thing may be sensible,

One percent does only one thing but that is one hundred times beneficial to everyone.

Ninety nine percent are self-centred and selfish,

One percent are self-conscious and believe in the self.

Ninety nine percent are in the herd mentality,

One percent are in the lone warrior mentality.

Ninety nine percent do not go beyond the status quo,

One percent changes the status quo.

Ninety nine percent acts grossly,

One percent acts subtly.

Ninety nine percent cannot understand the one percent at all,

One percent understand everything about the mentality of ninety nine percent!

Ninety nine percent are pretenders,

One percent are masters!

Ninety nine percent are grossly materialistic,

One percent are very realistic!

Ninety nine percent live for the momentary satisfaction that results in only material advancement and sense satisfaction,

One percent utilises every moment as a means of progress towards spiritual advancement and self-realisation.

One percent sustains the ninety nine percent,

Ninety nine percent try to consume the one percent!

…so ninety nine percent is the actual minority,

One percent is the real majority!

Corollaries of:

  1. The living entities in this conditioned world are My eternal, fragmental parts. Due to conditioned life, they are struggling very hard with the six senses, which include the mind.” – Bhagavad Gita – 15.7
  2. The endeavouring transcendentalist, who is situated in self-realization, can see all this clearly. But those who are not situated in self-realization cannot see what is taking place, though they may try to.” – Bhagavad Gita – 15.11
  3. Those miscreants who are grossly foolish, lowest among mankind, whose knowledge is stolen by illusion, and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons, do not surrender unto Me.” – Bhagavad Gita 7.15
  4. An intelligent person does not take part in the sources of misery, which are due to contact with the material senses. O son of Kunti, such pleasures have a beginning and an end, and so the wise man does not delight in them.” – Bhagavad Gita 5.22
  5. Those persons who are materially engrossed, being blind to the knowledge of ultimate truth, have many subject matters for hearing in human society, O Emperor. The lifetime of such an envious householder is passed at night either in sleeping or in sex indulgence, and in the daytime either in making money or maintaining family members” – Srimad Bhagavatham 2.1.23.
  6. Lazy human beings with paltry intelligence and a short duration of life pass the night sleeping and the day performing activities that are for naught” – Srimad Bhagavatham – 1.16.9.

The Thrashing Incident!

This is a part of two posts, the first describing the actual incident and the second, an important conversation following the incident.

First, let me describe the incident.

This is a real incident happened a month back, but I am getting the time to describe it only now.

A father was taking his two sons, a 16 year old and a six year old, for a haircut for one of them. The sons always accompany each other because it is the usual practice to have some cool drink or chocolate as a treat for patiently enduring the hair cut 🙂

This is usual and nothing eventful in it. But on that particular day, something happened that could not be easily forgotten by them or by the people around them.

The shop where the cool drinks/chocolates sells also sells chewable tobacco (Heights of Hypocrisy), cigarettes and other obnoxious things!

There is also a big notice mentioned “No Smoking in this Area!

While they were peacefully enjoying their cool drink, there was a bunch of people without any sense started smoking irrespective of the notice and small kids around, spreading toxic fumes all over the place.

The father casually said to the big kid: “See these educated people, irrespective of the big warning and presence of small kids around and also knowing that smoking is very harmful, they are doing these things, only animals like buffaloes who do not have the sixth sense do these things.”

Suddenly a hefty person came from nowhere (of course smoking – actually he was smoking for last half an hour!), started abusing the father with such a filthy language assuming that he was called a buffalo, and in front of the kids and others around, luckily the kids couldn’t understand much the obscenities that was emanating from his mouth, but people around had to turn their faces the other side 😦

The father politely asked him not to use such language. But that person went too much overboard thinking as if the father addressed him as buffalo, but he is not, he only “likened” these kind of indifferent people to a buffalo that doesn’t have sense.

The argument went bitter when “No Smoking” notice was shown and the guy (and also other smokers around) , but the smokers unanimously mentioned if you guys care so much about your health, why don’t you guys take your bloody cool drink to a remote corner, drink and get lost!

The shopkeeper also seconded it because of his business!

The father just kept quiet but that person got enraged because the father was not at all provoked, and he thrashed the father on his cheek so hard that the sound could be heard for a few meters.

The crowd gathered and everyone around was taken for a surprise. The elder kid was shell shocked but the little one started crying so profusely. The elder kid pacified him so nicely that the crying stopped instantaneously!

The father didn’t show any reaction at all and just kept quiet. Suddenly the guy thinking he is showing magnanimity offered to pay for the cool drink thinking something drastic is going to happen despite the totally indifferent attitude of the gathered crowd!

The father didn’t even look at that guy and casually paid the amount for the cool drink to the shop keeper saying to him “is this money sufficient?” and walked away with the kids back home.

But there was a conversation on the lessons learnt from the incident, with the kids on the way home that the kids, particularly the elder one will not forget easily!

To be continued…

Conversation 050 – Essence of Gita

I am touching 50 conversations through this post.

Gratitude and acknowledgments to all for your constant encouragement and support for me.

Pink Floyd – Brain Damage

Here it is:

Seeker 2: Good morning. Hope you are not busy now 🙂

Seeker 1: Good morning!

Seeker 2: How are you doing today?

Seeker 1: I am not well these days. My eyes are paining a lot…

Seeker 2: ohhh! You couldn’t get much sleep for sure…

Seeker 1: This issue is on-off these days. So this is not the main thing. But I am disturbed mentally.

Seeker 2: Did you find time to share it with whom you think you can?

Seeker 1: Nope, I never share these things with anyone.

Seeker 2: Then to whom will you share and solve this recurring problem? Do you have any close friends or someone to whom you can talk personally F2F?

Seeker 1: This is also another problem with me, as I just said I don’t share my personal issues with anyone.

Seeker 2: This is something serious…You have to please sort this out with the help of someone. This will never go by itself for sure and you also can’t solve this 😦 Please with the help of any close friend do something about it. I am too far away from you to help you other than having these conversations…

Seeker 1: It’s fine. No issues.

Seeker 2: Sorry it’s not. I am really surprised you are not saying any of your issues to anyone. Sure you are not living in an island alone like Alexander Selkirk or Sindbad the sailor 😦 Someone must be supposedly there to help you…

Seeker 1: No no I can never share my things with anyone because I never shared anything nor with anyone. So I can’t!

Seeker 2: I am really concerned about this because I know what this can lead to at some point of time unless something is done. I know you are having these kind of issues ever since I know you. There is no solution on its own for this…that’s why I am really worried.

Seeker 2: We are the kind of people who can’t pretend to exist just like others…we are so much connected to our inner self and look at every chance for self-improvement…more often that hurts…and it hurt our inner selves…and when we keep everything to ourselves it magnifies. It blows out of proportions…it makes us contrary to think and never tend to think realistically!

Seeker 2: We expect the world to be so ideal so faultless that everyone gets their fair share but it is not…when we are younger it strikes us hard. It makes us a rebel and when we find no one to accept our words we direct it to our inner self and get into a big turmoil…and once we grow older and when we are lucky we tends to accepts this as reality…and utilizes the bad world to our advantage to develop our inner self…for our self-improvement…

Seeker 2: We restrain to ourselves…we don’t feel the need to talk to anyone or accept their opinion…we just get self-satisfied…but unfortunately you are really too young at this point of time to come to that level of realization…

Seeker 2: I am not saying you don’t have any level of realization…I am just saying that the realization to realize whatever is happening outside is no way connected with me…to affect my moods…my thoughts. My actions…so that I don’t inflict damage on myself mentally or physically…this realization doesn’t come so easily. It take time. It involves lot of pain…lot of things to assimilate to get this ingrained to our minds.

Seeker 2: I am sure you are getting what I am trying to say…sitting here I can only do this much because I really want you to come out of this…get to do what you like…and find peace and contentment at the end of the day…I haven’t spoken this depth of philosophy to anyone in my life besides you, because no one accepted me as well at any point of time and my mindset to the way I want them to accept or the way I expected as I accepted them with my intent and mindset…

Seeker 2: I also don’t want to give advice to you because of your current mindset…I know you are an extremely self-confident person to have come to this level that you are now…and I also know don’t like advice…you always want to face everything boldly on your own and overcome it. So if I start sermonizing, I don’t think it will get to you…I just want you to try something, to think in a different way…I know your work environment is like a pressure cooker…

Seeker 2: These people should have some counselors at their disposal because they put everyone to a lot of mental stress with their work culture and environment…so that people can be free to meet them when they have these issues and at least have an opportunity to share with them…but they won’t do it…instead they would divert the stupid workforce with some stupid “extra” activities…

Seeker 1: How you are able to say these deep things so easily, so casually, so coherently with the choice and flow of words I could never even think of?

Seeker 2: Because unfortunately I also don’t have a normal mind 🙂 I am living in a pathetic family environment and an equally pathetic inconsiderate environment(s) for years…you have to come and see for yourself! 🙂 J

Seeker 1: Yeah!!!

Seeker 2: Life teaches us a lot of lessons if we treat it as our best teacher! If we learn from the lessons and utilize it to move ahead towards the higher purpose of life. At one point you will find it no longer sensible to become getting distressed because distress is the fundamental fact of life. If people are not distressed it is because they are superficial and very shallow in thinking, their entertainment habits, their food habits etc. in other words they don’t have any control over their senses, or bluntly you can say, they are slaves of their own senses! They only want to live in for the moment. They are happy only for immediate sense satisfactions just like animals. God has uselessly provided brains for them because they treat it just like a lump of matter without putting it to any sensible use. If you realize that you are beyond them…I definitely know you are…You will not get that much mentally disturbed. I advise you to please spend some time and start reading Gita at least for 15 minutes every day…any random page you want from the scripture. You will definitely realize what I am talking now to you is making some sense.

Seeker 1: I don’t have Gita. I’ll get it someday.

Seeker 2: Please order the book right away…as soon as possible. The so called folks who claim themselves as “humans” cannot provide solution to humane problems. Only Krishna can. I will order it for you and send it to your address.

Seeker 1: No no I’ll buy it.

Seeker 2: I will also get some punyam for my after-life (merit) by doing this!

Seeker 1: Don’t worry…

Seeker 2: No, please I insist. No yaar (friend) I am not worrying I am only concerned about you…

Seeker 1: Ok I ll order it now.

Seeker 2: Even if you don’t find time to read if you just keep the book with you, I promise you will see positive change happening in your life.

Seeker 1: ohhh!!!!

Seeker 2: Please take care of yourself. You are very intelligent…self-confident with a great attitude to achieve something in life…I don’t want to lose your positives by getting into health issues because of mental disturbances…I know you want to solve issues on your own without troubling anyone but for that only God in your heart can help and only you can awaken Him for that… through His teachings in the form of scriptures. Absolutely nothing else can help…

The more you start reading gita the more you will assimilate the truth of life…

The more you assimilate the truth of life, the more you will free yourself from the temporary phases of life…

The more you do this. You will realize your true self and stand apart from the crowd…

And when you stand apart from the crowd…and when the self becomes fully sufficient in itself, you would have realized the very purpose of your existence by then…

This is the essence of gita…

That’s how Arjun conquered his mundane self and did his duty as a Kshatriya and the rest everyone knows.

Seeker 2: I am very happy I am able to do something useful for at least person in my life so far…

Seeker 1: <<Laughing>>

Seeker 2: I made you laugh (y)

Seeker 1: Thank you.

Seeker 2: I hope you will laugh more from now on…

Seeker 1: Thank you again!

Seeker 2: Come on :)f

Lord Shri Krishna displaying His Universal Form to Arjuna

Heights of hypocrisy!!!

I just noted there are so many synonyms for the word “hypocrisy” but i couldn’t find anything that would make us describe the word to a small kid better so that the kid would avoid developing this charecteristic.

So i thought a picture would serve some purpose. Here it is:

This is self-explanatory but still needs some explanation:

  1. Pictorial display of the damage that causes due to chewing of tobacco to all those who have vision, and particularly to those who don’t know how to read… and
  2. A warning in bold that states “TOBACCO CAUSE CANCER

and then the biggest comedy, to quit chewing tobacco call the toll free number…doesn’t this looks ridiculous and totally insane of all…isn’t this the height of hypocrisy?

and for the more “educated”, we have cigarettes, alcohol drinking and other things with “statutory warnings” 🙂

We also have something called “World No Tobacco Day“, that is another big joke altogether, just like we have a day for everything, father, mother, men, women, children, girl child etc., for a day we try to remember the ideals for that day and then forget it for the rest 364 days :), if it is a leap year add one more day…

Conversation 048 – Mind-set in MNCs

Mr.X: Hi.

Mr.Y: Hello.

Mr.X: You have sent me incomplete status and I want clear reasons.

Mr.Y: Can you please give some examples so that I can give you a proper update.

Mr.X: Here is the list of tasks for which I need proper information. <<List of tasks>>

Mr.X: The tasks that you are mentioning are already being reviewed. This is clearly mentioned in the status. The status keeps getting reset because of changing requirements and continuous work reviews going on back and forth. I think you should go through the task(s) in detail to know what is happening in them 🙂

Mr.X: Why didn’t you raise this issue about status changes?

Mr.Y: I just explained this to you. Only after the task is deployed, final update happens and the status no longer changes…the intermediate status hardly matters because work is still going on in them.

Mr.X:  It’s Okay. You may do whatever you want, but it is important that you need to update the status and keep “everyone” in the loop.

Mr.Y:  You are again saying the same thing…Okay. I tell you this…I have been doing this all the time but “nobody” responded to any of my emails. I send weekly updates but I don’t get any response on them either. These updates clearly mentions “all” the details on the ongoing task(s). I think for some reasons, people are suddenly waking up now after a long slumber…so if you want me to CC to everyone under the sun on every task I do, every communication I do, to show that I am “really working” that’s fine 🙂 because things are getting really frustrating…and all I see is indifference…if people who know the complexities are behaving indifferently, I can’t expect others involved to understand this but this has to be realised at some point because this cannot just go on…

Mr.X: Okay I need to go for a meeting. Speak to you later…

Mr.Y; (LOL)

Conversation 047 – Believing in oneself

Today’s conversation is with the “other” person (Mr.X in this conversation) that I was mentioning in yesterday’s conversation. He is an extremely self-confident person, who didn’t even attend a regular college (I mean he is a graduate through distance learning, out of his own choice, due to family circumstances that time) and started to work even before he finished his graduation. Through his perseverance over the years, he had been a top performer in all the organizations he worked, achieved a senior management position in a big organization, but lost his employment due to company closure.

Mr.X: Got my previous to previous month salary just today. Last salary with this company will only come at the end of the next month. 😦

Mr.Y: It’s Okay. Thank God! at least you got something for now.

Mr.Y: What about your job now?

Mr.Y: It’s Okay. I have to search.

Mr.Y: Wish you good luck.

Mr.X: What are the kids doing?

Mr.Y: The bigger one is studying. The small just woke up…

Mr.Y: The first kid is really smart and he will pick up at any time.

Mr.X: No one is saying he is not smart. It’s not that easy. Today’s world is so different…. if you don’t get good marks it’s difficult to get a good job or get admission in good college. Our times were different. So it’s better he does not think about anything else except studying…and he is going to be in 10th next year. You please don’t spoil him by talking nonsense and give him overconfidence.

Mr.Y: Yes, I agree. You are correct.

Mr.X: It is not possible to pick up anytime even if you are smart….Hard work will only give results. It’s time for him to put some hard work…Ideally he should have done it from 8th standard itself. 10th marks is very important to get to the group of his choice. I am sure you remember what happened to me…. do you think I am not smart. So hard work is very important…I know I am smarter than him… but that is not enough to get marks…So please teach the right things to kids…I am old enough to have seen enough things in life…Yet I am not successful in life…. so being smart is not enough. I only know what I go through…. but I know I will manage. I don’t need anyone.

Mr.Y: You don’t say you are not successful. I know how much effort you have put in to come to this position in life. So don’t under-estimate yourself.

Mr.X: I said I could have been more successful in life if I had taken studies seriously. Hard work in studies should be their only priority at their age. I never under estimate myself because I know my strengths and weaknesses. I don’t want the kids to suffer like me. Don’t give any mobile phone to the kids

Mr.Y: You know how to come up in life. You are very great in that aspect.

Mr.X: I am stressed because of the job loss. With whom I will show my anger?

Mr.Y: Oh. Did you took medicine? How are you now?

Mr.X: it’s just a viral infection only, given tablets for 3 days…

Mr.Y: Is fever reduced…

Mr.X: Yes feeling better…

Mr.Y: Ok good. Take care.

Mr.X: Fever is not coming down…. went to doctor again last night…they have taken blood test will go in sometime to get the results and see the doctor. Not able to talk because of severe throat pain.

Mr.X: I am not in a good mood because of all these. So I don’t want to talk to anyone for some time. I will be fine. I will take care. Just came back…. doctor said severe viral fever and given medicines for 4 days.

Mr.Y: Oh take care.

Mr.X is staying all alone in a distant place, no family members, no one to take care. He went to the interview with this health condition, did very well and got selected with one of the biggest conglomerates of the country and joined in a very senior management position…

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