Forgotten genius – Today is Mr. Nikola Tesla’s official birthday?

Tesla, Nikola

Name Tesla, Nikola Gender: M
born 28 June 1856 Jul. Cal. (10 July 1856 greg.) at 00:00 (= 12:00 midnight )
Place Smiljan, Croatia, 44n35, 15e19

Nikola Tesla Timeline

Tesla was born “at the stroke of midnight” with lightning striking during a summer storm. He was born to a Serbian family in Smiljan near Gospić, Lika, (the Military Frontier of Austria-Hungary, now in Croatia). The midwife commented, “He’ll be a child of the storm,” to which his mother replied, “No, of light.” Tesla was baptized in the Old Slavonic Church rite. His Baptism Certificate reports that he was born on June 28 (Julian calendar; July 10 in the Gregorian calendar) 1856, and christened by the Serbian orthodox priest, Toma Oklobdžija.”

To see the “mark of a man” who has contributed so much to this world, it’s worth going through the links that glorified about him on his birthday over the years as a mark of respect to this enigmatic genius whose work continue to influence our lives though he exited this world as much as 76 years back!

It is very said the world forgets these kind of genius when i note that even an electrical engineering graduate cannot say a single sentence or two about this personality, while the educational system conveniently ignores him and gives importance to obscure personalities whose contributions are nought for the welfare of human society! I wonder if there is any mention about him on any schools or colleges on (t)his day!

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To summarize, let’s take some Lessons from the extraordinary life of Nikola Tesla and also check out just a few of his amazing quotes:

  1. “Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”
  2. “Instinct is something that transcends knowledge.”
  3. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
  4. “Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that’s when ideas are born.”
  5. “If you only know the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”
  6. “Money does not represent such a value as men have placed upon it. All my money has been invested into experiments with which I have made new discoveries enabling mankind to have a little easier life.
  7. “What one man calls God, another calls the law of Physics.”
  8. “The life of the bee will be the life of our race.”
  9. “It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables, and I think, therefore, that vegetarianism is a commendable departure from the established barbarous habit. That we can subsist on plant food and perform our work even to advantage is not a theory, but a well-demonstrated fact. Many races living almost exclusively on vegetables are of superior physique and strength.”
  10. “There are too many distractions in this life for quality of thought, and its quality of thought, not quantity that counts.”
  11. “Our entire biological system, the earth and the brain itself work on the same frequencies.”
  12. “The opinions of the world does not affect me. I have placed as the real values in my life what follows when I am dead.”
  13. “It’s hard to give unlimited power to limited minds.”
  14. “All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed – only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”
  15. “You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.”
  16. “Intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person. The smarted you are, the more selective you become.”
  17. “The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.”
  18. “If you want to find the secrets of universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
  19. “Anti-social behaviour is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists.”
  20. “One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.:
  21. “I don’t care that they stole my idea I care that they don’t have any of their own.”
  22. “If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world.”
  23. “The desire that guides me in all that I do is the desire to harness the forces of nature to the service of mankind.”
  24. “Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world.”
  25. “It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects.”

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Next set of 3 blog posts (No.7, 8 and 9)

Dear friends,

Today I have some updates for you.

As mentioned earlier, I would like to mention that my next set of three blog posts have been published,

I have updated my seventh, eighth and nineth posts. They are:

  1. Waiting for humanity to wake up –
  2. Materialism and Spirituality are poles apart! (A complete rewrite!) –  
  3. Who is Krishna Conscious? (God Conscious) –     

Waiting for humanity to wake up

I had the tagline “Where do you want to go?” for some time.  

I intended whether we aim to escape from the four-fold miseries of birth, death, old age and disease by going back to Godhead or continue in material existence.

It is obvious that all of us prefers to go back to Godhead.

The natural tendency of all living beings is to enjoy. But the living beings do not how to enjoy without getting entangled. This is the reasons for all the suffering.

In modern times, we have only very limited people who lead a perfect ideal life with lofty principles.

These people often had to undergo untold suffering for the welfare of the entire human society nay all living beings by sacrificing their own material comforts.

One such person is Nikola Tesla, considered as the man who invented the twentieth century and a forgotten genius of electricity.

We owe a lot to him:

  • alternating current (three-phase electric power)
  • wireless telegraphy
  • wireless lighting and electric power distribution
  • radio
  • laser beams
  • radar, induction motors
  • tesla coil
  • transformers and generators
  • submarines
  • neon lights
  • X-ray imaging
  • Robotics
  • remote control etc.

He holds a record of at least 300 patents in his name.

He was a master of eight languages – Serbo-Croatian, English, Czech, German, French, Hungarian, Italian and Latin – Reference:

He also had photographic memory, excellent poetic and arts sense, talented billiards player and a voracious reader apart from being a celibate, unmarried for his life of 86 years and an ardent supporter of vegetarianism.

But his life ended while being a recluse in a hotel room living in obscurity and in debt.

I owe the title of this blog entry to this great personality and I am humbled to dedicate this blog entry to him. Here is the full image with the quote of the pondering Tesla::


There is also an important connection between Nikola Tesla and Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda familiarised Nikola Tesla on Vedic Science, Sanskrit terminologies, Samkhya theory of matter and energy during his trip to the United States in 1890s.

Nikola Tesla was highly impressed on the resemblance of the Samkhya theory with that of modern physics.

He could understand the esoteric Sanskrit terms and was convinced that according to him these are the only theories modern science can entertain.

He used these ancient Sanskrit terminologies to describe natural phenomena because sufficient interpretations could not be given in the English language.


Nikola Tesla (right) with Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda quoted the following in a lecture in India about Nikola Tesla:

“I myself have been told by some of the best scientific minds of the day, how wonderfully the conclusions of Vedanta are. I know of one of them personally, who scarcely has time to eat his meal, or go out of his laboratory, but who would stand by the hours to attend on the lectures on the Vedanta; for, as he expresses it, they are so scientific, they exactly harmonize with the aspirations of the age and to the conclusions to which modern science is coming at the present time.”

Coming back to the quote, “Waiting for the humanity to wake up”, what must be on the mind of this great human being as he was thinking on it.

Is it:

  1. Waiting for humanity to realise too much importance is being given on material aspects of life?
  2. Waiting for humanity to realise too much animal slaughter and over exploitation of natural resources?
  3. Waiting for humanity to realise intellectual evolution will continuously open up new and greater prospects?
  4. Waiting for humanity to realise our senses enable us to perceive only a portion of the outside world?

Whatever it is, we have not yet woken up from our slumber to realise the ultimate truth to escape from this four-fold material bondage through right knowledge.

It is high time we realize it to work towards the ultimate purpose of life – Freedom from illusion, bondage and duality.

Courtesy: Sanskriti Magazine website on Nikola Tesla and Swami Vivekananda:

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