Have a rocking 2020!!! Be prepared to
face both guns and roses!

Living dead are those having born as a human being still do not attempt to know the purpose of their existence till the last day of their lives only to fall into this desperate material pool of existence perpetually without knowing the consequences of this repeated birth death old age and disease!

Roses = Living

Guns = Dead

Guns N Roses = Living Dead!

It’s upto us where we will be. Mere aspirations is not OK!

It is only right thoughts and the corresponding execution that will do the work!

Hi to 2020 that contains all even numbers after 2008!

So Let’s resolve to make things even like 2020!

Conversation 048 – Mind-set in MNCs

Mr.X: Hi.

Mr.Y: Hello.

Mr.X: You have sent me incomplete status and I want clear reasons.

Mr.Y: Can you please give some examples so that I can give you a proper update.

Mr.X: Here is the list of tasks for which I need proper information. <<List of tasks>>

Mr.X: The tasks that you are mentioning are already being reviewed. This is clearly mentioned in the status. The status keeps getting reset because of changing requirements and continuous work reviews going on back and forth. I think you should go through the task(s) in detail to know what is happening in them 🙂

Mr.X: Why didn’t you raise this issue about status changes?

Mr.Y: I just explained this to you. Only after the task is deployed, final update happens and the status no longer changes…the intermediate status hardly matters because work is still going on in them.

Mr.X:  It’s Okay. You may do whatever you want, but it is important that you need to update the status and keep “everyone” in the loop.

Mr.Y:  You are again saying the same thing…Okay. I tell you this…I have been doing this all the time but “nobody” responded to any of my emails. I send weekly updates but I don’t get any response on them either. These updates clearly mentions “all” the details on the ongoing task(s). I think for some reasons, people are suddenly waking up now after a long slumber…so if you want me to CC to everyone under the sun on every task I do, every communication I do, to show that I am “really working” that’s fine 🙂 because things are getting really frustrating…and all I see is indifference…if people who know the complexities are behaving indifferently, I can’t expect others involved to understand this but this has to be realised at some point because this cannot just go on…

Mr.X: Okay I need to go for a meeting. Speak to you later…

Mr.Y; (LOL)



We sometimes say, “This is nothing but short of a miracle.”…but what is miracle? Miracles are nothing but the natural order/sequence of things/events. We say nature is unpredictable, beyond our comprehension, what is happening to us is unpredictable, the future is unpredictable…pleasant or unpleasant…and so on.

But nothing is categorized as a miracle only to certain group of people, who:

  1. Takes everything in equanimity, regardless of circumstances, time or place.
  2. Strongly believes everything is a creation of the Supreme, soothe ever and offend never kind of people.
  3. Strongly believe in living in harmony with the nature and not to exploit her to satisfy the greed.
  4. Leads a simple life with minimum needs and bare expectations on anyone/anything.

The conditioned souls hover in dreams heavenly illusory pleasures, but actually they do not relish any tangible happiness in such places. For this reason the enlightened person should endeavor only for the minimum necessities of life while in the world of names. He should be intelligently fixed and never endeavor for unwanted things, being competent to perceive practically that all such endeavors are merely hard labor for nothing.” – Srimad Bhagavatham

5. Understands the purpose of life and living, that this place of residence, earth is just a temporary sojourn and utilize the purpose of this human body to go beyond the four basic instincts of a living being viz., eat, sleep, reproduce and defend

This is beautifully summarized in Srimad Bhagavatham:

A desire to maintain body, wife and children is also observed in animal society. The animals have full intelligence to manage such affairs. If a human being is simply advanced in this respect, what is the difference between him and an animal? One should be very careful to understand that this human life is attained after many, many births in the evolutionary process. A learned man who gives up the bodily conception of life, both gross and subtle, will, by the enlightenment of spiritual knowledge, become a prominent individual spirit soul, as the Supreme Lord is also.” – Srimad Bhagavatham 4.29.1a-2a.

Please share your valuable thoughts and insights.

Conversation 032: Don’t Lose Hope!

Seeker 2: Hi. How are you doing?

Seeker 1: Actually, I am very much frustrated with my job and life. Sometimes I even think why I am living L

Seeker 2: This happens to everyone at some point in their life!

Seeker 1: Everything in this world looks a formality and relationships are so cold and dry…Have you ever faced these situations?

Seeker 2: Oh Yes! I had to make a risky decision at one point in my career due to family circumstances…and…It has been a pain since then…a vicious cycle after that. I had end up quitting a company that I had established myself well for close to 5 years…got into two consecutive organisations with toxic environment (Lessons learnt: Conversation 023: Dealing with Toxic People ) after that…lost my job (got laid off by voluntary means)…unable to settle after that…and now working as a contractor intermittently since then for more than 3.5 years.

Seeker 2: So I guess my story is not as bad as yours…

Seeker 2: So better plan your exit ASAP because you are young, very talented and hardworking…

Seeker 1: I am taking interview calls but not getting any positive response from anywhere 😦

Seeker 2: it will happen surely…please be patient and not lose hope…continue trying…rather than think about the current situation. It will only make you more tensed and feel hopeless.

Seeker 1: The most negative thing is this only, I lose hope very easily…

Seeker 1: “continue trying…rather than think about this and get more tensed”. No, not at all! I am just too exhausted about current situation.

Seeker 2: Yes…that’s what I meant…getting fed up…means you will think more about it…

Seeker 1: Yes!

Seeker 2: Please put more of your effort more by preparing technically in the area where you are trying for a new job. I know you will clear and get very soon!

Seeker 1: How can you be so sure!!? When I am not sure for anything??

Seeker 2: It’s only a matter of time. It’s because I know something about you. I know you don’t belong to your current place. I have seen the rest of laid back people lying there all over the place…I don’t care about them…when I try to spend time talking to someone I know they are worth that…

Seeker 2: I believe if I’m not able to give some relief to whom I talk I am not worth it…I would rather keep my mouth shut!

Seeker 1: In that case, I would say I don’t go with words only…it don’t satisfy me in any way…I want things to get implemented at my end. I believe on that only!

Seeker 2: That’s a great attitude…that means you will keep trying harder and harder to get what you aspire!

Seeker 1: Yes. I mean that people giving me motivation does not fascinates me much. I am not pointing anything to you… J

Seeker 2: Don’t think I am giving you motivation…I am just saying my observations about you…but this is the real truth.

Seeker 1: “I am just saying my observations about you”. Thanks!

Seeker 2: And about your nature…I think I have the capability to judge that…just that…because my own son is going to be 16 in another week 🙂

Seeker 2: I don’t say it to everyone I speak…because I hardly speak 🙂

Seeker 1: “I don’t say it to everyone I speak”. Yes, I can sense that!

Seeker 1: Bestow your blessings on me so that my situation would become better…

Seeker 2: It’s always there since the day I met you first time…

Seeker 1: Ohhh 🙂

Seeker 2: This is not a motivating statement 🙂

Seeker 1: Yes 🙂

Seeker 2: I can say that 75% people of the people in any IT company these days would be less than half my age…and most them would not have been born before I started my first job 🙂 and more than 90% of them in that list would not be having a proper attitude…and the rest 10% won’t stay would stay in the their first organisation for no more than 2 years…this is my assessment on the basis of my experience…but I think these statistics are my motivation for you…for achieving something higher…

Seeker 1: It’s okay…no problem…

Seeker 2: 🙂 because truths are always horrible…

Seeker 1: I see you have close to 18.5 years’ experience! It’s far too much beyond my comprehension…

Seeker 2: It’s actually 22 yrs. + 8 months if you check in LinkedIn…

Seeker 1: Ohhh! That’s great!

Seeker 2: It’s useless! I would have settled with just 8 or 9 years… J

Seeker 1: Why so??

Seeker 2: If you settle in a job in a good company at my age and not laid off it is better than having so many years of experience! Otherwise, it is useless because no one prefers experience in our industry these days…

Seeker 2: But you will see 15 companies listed there in my profile… and also all the educational qualifications. Most of them discontinued is mentioned there.

Seeker 2: Please check and you will find it really funny 🙂

Seeker 1: Yes, I will. But what is so funny in that?

Seeker 2: You will see and you will know…

Seeker 2: I also mentioned in one of my blog post about that… “A person with 5 discontinued degrees… Must be a Guinea’s record… Sorry Guinness record 😆😆😆”. It’s there in Conversation 020 – Quantum Physics and our Vedas. So I guess again that my story is not as bad as yours 🙂 I believe it is analogous to Maharaja Parikshit’s curse (the emperor of the world from the lineage of Pandavas – the grandson of the great Arjuna) to die in 7 days due to a snakebird’s bite so that one should not be involved too much in worldly affairs!

Seeker 1: Yes, I understand. I am hardly in the intermediary stage now. I surely have “Miles to go before I sleep!” I now understand the reality of the situation and I will strive my best, be positive, keep trying, and trying till I end in the life of my dreams. Thank you for this motivation. (No pun intended! 🙂 )

Conversation 031: Smile to walk Miles

Seeker 2: You don’t have to smile to walk miles 🙂

Seeker 1: “You don’t have to smile to walk miles 🙂”. This is for positivity. I wrote this quote on my own as I love writing…

Seeker 2: I was just joking…

Seeker 1: Yes I know J I was telling I love to write as well. English is a FUNNY language J

Seeker 1: Well, Smile to walk miles means similar to “Miles to Go before I sleep”. In my childhood I liked this phrase… when I got mature and started understanding life all I felt was sorrow and regrets in my path… then I decided to smile whatever happens so as to become motivated and never to give up… So I thought to pen down as this would be my motto. 🙂 Smile to Walk miles…

Seeker 2: Oh! Robert Miles! I only know him for his music 🙂 There is an amazing track titled Children of him…Just beautiful instrumental…but “Miles to Go before I sleep” is by another Robert… Robert Frost 🙂

Seeker 2: “Smile to Walk miles…” that’s quite a deep thought! I thought something else… you should have to travel a lot to find someone who can smile 🙂

Seeker 1: 🙂 I aspire to be a philanthropist, it is my dream to make a brand “Smile to walk Miles” for underprivileged people. Will do if my pocket allows in some years…

Seeker 2: I remember…”The woods are lovely, dark and deep…but I have promises to keep…and miles to go before I sleep….and miles to go before I sleep…” (Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening)

Seeker 1: Yes, it is my favourite.

Seeker 2: Beautiful phrase!

Seeker 1: Miles to go before I sleep?

Seeker 2: Yes!

Seeker 2: Superb…Lifting up people is the greatest service to God…

Seeker 1: 🙂

Seeker 2: My sincere best wish that you will accomplish your dream!

Seeker 1: I hope that too…

Seeker 2: It will…doing it without any personal interest will be great! I think you get what I mean…

Seeker 1: I will 🙂

Seeker 2: Awesome! My best wishes for your mission…

Conversation 030: Keep the Faith!

This conversation is based on the excellent blog post titled “A Leap of Faith” by BLINDZANYGIRL. I kindly request you to have a look at it.

Seeker 2: Throughout our life we are not at all independent…depending on so many people and other species of our life for survival and other needs…when we are in good health or when things go our way. We take so many things for granted…we make ourselves so busy that we don’t even acknowledge…we think as if these good times are forever…and then one day out of the bolt from the blue…things happen that makes us realise we have surrendered to something that is material…that is impermanent…that gives some minute joy for the time being…just like the taste of honey drop on the edge of the bottle…not realising what is the thing that gives everlasting peace…we try to inquire…but it’s too late…we have lost the prime of life…our youth…the power of our senses to comprehend things…and so we are getting trapped in material existence forever…we just live to die…and die to live again…

Seeker 1: Thank You SO much for that. For many, that may be true. For myself, I was NEVER interested in material things, and never sought them, except what was necessary. I always sought God, or whatever word you like to use. Something more spiritual is what I mean. But for all of us, it is a lifelong process of surrendering. To Whatever. I never ever surrender myself to PEOPLE. I will love them, have friends etc. but never surrender my inner self to them. It is a constant path. For some people, they might just call it Fate, or Nature. For me, it is God, and by that I do not mean an old man in the sky. But a God Who suffers WITH us. I don’t know how that sits with you in your religion. Thank you so much for giving us your own insight.

Seeker 2: It gives me so much pleasure to read what you have written… the true nature of a soul… the longing to be in union with the Supreme… that’s possible only through surrender… only when the soul’s covering with the material nature ceases… that’s achieved…

Seeker 1: Thank You so much. Your insight is amazing!

Seeker 2: This clearly shows one’s faith or religion hardly matters. Your words clearly indicates the oneness of the thought process and concludes that all paths leads to the same goal as long as one follows their prescribed path earnestly and zealously… (Conversation 021 – A Philosophical Chat)

Seeker 1: I totally agree with you. I am honoured to know you…

Seeker 2: Your words resonates with the very same thoughts I had a few days earlier and I feel privileged to share it again here… I am sure you will agree… Prayer for Surrender

Seeker 1: I will read that in a few moments.  Thank you!

Seeker 2: You are most welcome.

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