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The present birth or present life does not start with Shunya (Nothing) nor it becomes Shunya (Nothing) at the end of this life automatically.

What we experience in this present birth is the result of the accumulated karma from all our previous births.

The goal in this birth must be to exhaust all our karma so that at the end of it there is no balance karma left!

Only in that stage is liberation attained!

Opening of a bank account and further transactions on the account can be taken as an analogy:

Opening a bank account requires a mandatory amount or minimum balance that is to be deposited and maintained as long as the account is active.

We do all our transactions from this point with credits and debits of various denominations happening all the time.

The debit transactions (negative karma) are determined on the basis of all the previous credit transactions but still the minimum balance has to be maintained. Even though the minimum balance is attained, the account is still active and hence liberation is not attained.

Similarly, by doing credit transactions (positive karma) also, it is not possible to attain liberation though one may proceed towards higher planetary systems in the material universe.

When we want to close the account, we must debit the entire balance amount along with the minimum balance so that the net balance becomes shunya or nothing. Once this happens,we disassociate from the bank!

Let’s see what we can infer from this analogy to life. The bank terminologies and the equivalent terminologies associated with life has been mentioned for easy understanding:

Bank: Material world and the field of material activity.

Bank Account (association with the bank): The gross body and Subtle senses that is required to transact in the material world.

Owner of the Bank Account: Life or Jiva or Soul

Minimum Balance – three modes of material nature viz., goodness, passion and ignorance that binds the soul to the material world.

Opening of Bank account: Soul acquiring a material body to enjoy the fruits of this material world.

Credit Transaction– Happiness due to positive karma that brings enjoyment to the material body but increases bondage.

Debit Transaction – Distress when positive karma is getting exhausted, also indulging in forbidden actions!

Desire to close the account – Desire to attain Self-realization by transcending the three modes of material nature.

Account Closing – Process of relinquishing the gross and subtle bodies.

Zero Balance – Liberation from material world and eternal residence in the realms of supreme abode where there is no birth, death, old age or disease.

Again, it can be seen that renunciation (surrender) with a strong desire to attain self-realization is the only means to close this materialistic bank account and attain liberation! That’s quite a price to pay but the reward is un-interrupted innings in the spiritual world.

Laying the groundwork

“After many, many births and deaths one achieves the rare human form of life, which, although temporary, affords one the opportunity to attain the highest perfection. Thus, a sober human being should quickly endeavour for the ultimate perfection of life as long as his body, which is always subject to death, has not fallen down and died. After all, sense gratification is available even in the most abominable species of life, whereas Self-realization is possible only for a human being.”  –   Srimad Bhagavatam 11.9.29 (

The soul has to pass through millions of life forms before it transmigrates to a human body. But what is a soul? – The soul is a spiritual particle dwelling in a material body. The material body is considered dead or lifeless as soon as the spiritual particle exits the material body.

Every yuga has its own positive and negative qualities. Kali is considered as the fallen age because it is full of negative qualities. The Symptoms of Kali-yuga explains this in great detail. Please read: ( Thus, the opportunities of achieving self-realization in Kali Yuga is very limited unless one makes a very sincere attempt.

Despite this, even the inhabitants of Satya-yuga and other ages are aspiring to take birth as human beings in the Kali age (Srimad Bhagavatam 11.5.38 – 40 – ( This is because in Kali Yuga, the means to achieve perfection it is comparatively very easy (simply by Hearing and chanting the names of the Lord) compared to the other three ages – Satya (prolonged meditation), Treta (performing great sacrifices) and Dvapara (Worship Lord in the temple).

The steps of manifesting the Lord in our heart for achieving self-realization is a gradual process:

  1. It starts with regular prayers and chanting of the names of the Lord.
  2. Then it proceeds towards pondering over the attributes of the Lord and its various meanings
  3. The inquisitive mind then starts looking for answers by reading our glorious scriptures to the questions that arises constantly.
  4. Then like-minded individuals gather for discussions and for further inquiry.
  5. An Acharya or a Guru who is already self-realised suddenly manifests to a true seeker.
  6. For the unlucky ones who cannot find such a suitable Guru, the realisation that the Supreme Lord is already in one’s heart happens, one starts looking at the inner self to seek guidance from the supreme self.
  7. Events in life happens automatically leads the seeker to find solutions through one’s own life experiences.
  8. If the aspiration is strong enough to seek a self-realised Guru that also gets fulfilled.

Thus, a pleasing process is set into motion and the seeker is on an upward process to realise the self. This is just like a minute spark that has the potential to light a huge forest.

This knowledge of self-enquiry that a person gains by constant inquiry and study together with constant prayers, chanting and meditation has an impact on the person’s overall attitude towards life.

This affects the following primary constituents being one’s material possessions, work, own body and self, family relations, relations with fellow human beings and other life forms in general.

Finally, it has to result in completely understanding the most confidential secret of Bhagavad Gita 18.66 – Seek Complete surrender to Lord Krishna and He will give protection no matter what. The ultimate perfection will be reached only then!

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