The Thrashing Incident!

This is a part of two posts, the first describing the actual incident and the second, an important conversation following the incident.

First, let me describe the incident.

This is a real incident happened a month back, but I am getting the time to describe it only now.

A father was taking his two sons, a 16 year old and a six year old, for a haircut for one of them. The sons always accompany each other because it is the usual practice to have some cool drink or chocolate as a treat for patiently enduring the hair cut 🙂

This is usual and nothing eventful in it. But on that particular day, something happened that could not be easily forgotten by them or by the people around them.

The shop where the cool drinks/chocolates sells also sells chewable tobacco (Heights of Hypocrisy), cigarettes and other obnoxious things!

There is also a big notice mentioned “No Smoking in this Area!

While they were peacefully enjoying their cool drink, there was a bunch of people without any sense started smoking irrespective of the notice and small kids around, spreading toxic fumes all over the place.

The father casually said to the big kid: “See these educated people, irrespective of the big warning and presence of small kids around and also knowing that smoking is very harmful, they are doing these things, only animals like buffaloes who do not have the sixth sense do these things.”

Suddenly a hefty person came from nowhere (of course smoking – actually he was smoking for last half an hour!), started abusing the father with such a filthy language assuming that he was called a buffalo, and in front of the kids and others around, luckily the kids couldn’t understand much the obscenities that was emanating from his mouth, but people around had to turn their faces the other side 😦

The father politely asked him not to use such language. But that person went too much overboard thinking as if the father addressed him as buffalo, but he is not, he only “likened” these kind of indifferent people to a buffalo that doesn’t have sense.

The argument went bitter when “No Smoking” notice was shown and the guy (and also other smokers around) , but the smokers unanimously mentioned if you guys care so much about your health, why don’t you guys take your bloody cool drink to a remote corner, drink and get lost!

The shopkeeper also seconded it because of his business!

The father just kept quiet but that person got enraged because the father was not at all provoked, and he thrashed the father on his cheek so hard that the sound could be heard for a few meters.

The crowd gathered and everyone around was taken for a surprise. The elder kid was shell shocked but the little one started crying so profusely. The elder kid pacified him so nicely that the crying stopped instantaneously!

The father didn’t show any reaction at all and just kept quiet. Suddenly the guy thinking he is showing magnanimity offered to pay for the cool drink thinking something drastic is going to happen despite the totally indifferent attitude of the gathered crowd!

The father didn’t even look at that guy and casually paid the amount for the cool drink to the shop keeper saying to him “is this money sufficient?” and walked away with the kids back home.

But there was a conversation on the lessons learnt from the incident, with the kids on the way home that the kids, particularly the elder one will not forget easily!

To be continued…

Author: Rajini

"Knowledge is the ultimate perfection of self-realization.". (Srimad Bhagavatham 3.26.2) Trying to seek that knowledge through life experiences that leads to compassion, dispassion and ultimately satisfaction.

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